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Meg Turney – From Gamer’s Screen to Cosplay Queen

Have you heard of Meg Turney? She’s someone a lot of people who like video games and dressing up know well. We’re going to share her story with you. It’s about how she went from being someone gamers saw on their screens to a star in the world of costume play, or ‘cosplay’ for short. Meg has a way of putting on an ensemble that just makes heads turn. What follows is Meg Turney’s life story and how she attained social media success. So, let’s start.

Birth, Parents, and Education

Meg Turney was born on March 12, 1987, in a city called Austin, which is in Texas. From when she was little, Meg loved playing video games and dressing up in different costumes. Her family saw she was good at this and always cheered her on. For school, Meg went to a public school in Texas and later, she studied history at Texas State University. She doesn’t talk much about her family, but it’s clear they’re important to her and her big journey into gaming and cosplay.

Beginning of Career

Meg Turney started her career by sharing her love for video games and dressing up as characters from those games, which is called cosplay. She first showed her cosplay at a convention in 2002, and her first costume was from the anime ‘Sailor Moon’. Even though it was tough to make, she had a great time.


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Meg’s big break came when she started working with a group called Rooster Teeth in 2014. There, she made videos about games and talked about news in the gaming world. People really liked her and she became more famous. She also made her own videos and shared them online, where even more people could see her work.

Over time, Meg became known for her amazing costumes and her fun personality. She went to many events, talked about games, and showed off her cosplay skills. This helped her become a well-known figure in the world of cosplay, where she’s admired for her creativity and her ability to bring characters to life.


Meg Turney is known for keeping her personal life private, but as of the latest information available, she is in a relationship with Gavin Free. They started dating around 2013 and have been together since then.

Gavin Free is also well-known in the online community, particularly for his work with Rooster Teeth and his own creative projects.

Social Media Presence

Meg Turney is quite popular on social media, where she shares bits of her life and work. Here’s a simple breakdown of her presence on different platforms:

YouTube: Meg has been on YouTube for a long time, where she posts videos about her cosplay, gaming, and other fun stuff. She started this channel to share her passion and connect with people who like the same things. She has 292 K subscribers to her YouTube channel.

Twitch: On Twitch, Meg streams live videos where she plays games and chats with her fans. It’s like hanging out with her in real-time while she enjoys her favorite games. On Twitch, her follower count is 119K.

X: Meg joined X to tweet about her daily thoughts, fun moments, and updates on her work. It’s a place where she talks to her fans and shares news. Her X account has 466.8 K followers.

Instagram: Her Instagram account is full of colorful pictures of her cosplays, travels, and personal moments. It’s like a photo album that she shares with the world. She has 653 K followers on Instagram.

OnlyFans: Meg Turney has 2 accounts on OnlyFans; one is free and the other is paid. Her @megturney is the free OnlyFans account and her other account is @megturneyvip which is paid and one has to pay subscriber fee to access her exclusive and explicit account here.

Fansly: Meg has a Fansly account @megturney, having 36.4K followers. One has to pay to access her explicit and NSFW content on Fansly.

Online Store: Meg Turney has an online store where she sells a variety of merchandise. She offers a range of clothing items, and accessories. Meg’s store is a place where fans can buy things to show their support and feel a little closer to the cosplay world she’s a part of.

Scandals and Controversies

Meg Turney has faced some challenges and controversies in her career. One significant incident was the unauthorized release of private photos, which happened when someone hacked into her personal accounts. This was a serious violation of her privacy and caused quite a stir online.

 However, unpredictable realm of Meg Turney influencers gone wild has left fans both shocked and intrigued1

Meg Turney is one of the examples of influencers gone wild where social media personalities have gotten famous due to wrong reasons and that has caused much stir on the internet.

Another controversy involved Twitch’s rules of conduct. In 2014, Twitch updated its guidelines to prohibit streaming videos in certain types of attire, like lingerie or swimsuits.

Meg Turney, known for her cosplay streams, was affected by this change. She clarified that she had never been banned but did have to adjust her profile picture to comply with the new rules.

Net Worth

Meg Turney, known for her work as an internet personality, cosplayer, and model, has an estimated net worth of around $500 thousand.

This figure reflects her success and popularity in the online community, particularly through her engaging content on various social media platforms and her contributions to the gaming and cosplay scenes.

Bottom Line

Meg Turney has a colorful story about playing video games and dressing up as game characters. She’s become well-known because she’s really good at creating costumes and loves what she does. Her hard work and care for her fans make her very special in the online world.

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