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How to Come Out of Comfort Zone

Your comfort zone might be where you feel at ease and safe. But what if I told you it can be your number one destiny killer. A place where you feel TOO comfortable to venture outside. Where dreams, aspirations, desires die and ultimately you die with them. A place where you are crippled with fear, enveloped with laziness, afraid of failure, and not ready to step out, explore, and conquer. One that signals stagnation, delay, and keeps you bound from seizing new opportunities. All because you are too comfortable! Yes! You feel you are comfortable where you are. You have everything in and under control. You have a routine and everything planned out. As much as that might sound great, there is more to this world than you can ever imagine. And stepping out of that little haven you created for yourself might be the greatest decision you have ever made for your personal, financial, and physical growth.

Getting out of their comfort zone are ideas coaches and educators continually pushed their clients or students to do because they realize it is the first step to being successful in life. Whether it is to try out new things in the classroom or start that business you have been putting off, or just simply taking those risks that will push you forward. That is exactly one of the reasons why everyone needs a coach or mentor in their lives. To push you out of your comfort zone!. Here, we ask Aaron Dungca, a teacher with a bubbling and joyful personality who is ever ready to take the leap both inside and outside the classrooms to explain how we can come out of the mental state called the comfort zone. It’s time to come out of your cocoon and add some spice into your life!

Don’t get stuck up in your daily routine


If you feel like you are in a rut and nothing excites you anymore, it’s a signal to swipe things up. Look out for things that look monotonous and boring in your life and change it up a bit. This can be anything from taking a different route while coming from work to trying out a new restaurant,  to going out for a show or networking events, to volunteering services, or smile to a stranger and make their day.

Let the uncomfortable become your comfort

Don’t always go for what is more comfortable or safe, After all, you are trying to get out of your comfort zone in the first place. If the thought of giving it a trail even scares you, challenge yourself to do it. The aim is to shock yourself into doing something you will otherwise not do.  The uncomfortable ones are those that will stretch your bounds and teach you the most lessons that will make you grow. Once you see yourself overcoming hurdles and getting things done, you will be more confident to forge ahead.

It’s ok to fail, but don’t sit in your failure


There are times you might be faced with things that will shake up your confidence, challenge you, or even leads to failure. This is what is keeping many from taking a shot at their dreams in the first place. “Many times I have tried out some new and different with my students. From research projects to developing and figuring out financial plans, we have done it all. Do I always succeed? No, there have been times of failure. But I have taught my students to always learn from their mistakes, don’t dwell too much on them, pick up and grow. The point is successful people don’t fear failure but see it as a key aspect of their growth. Begin to see failure as your teacher, not an enemy.”  Aaron Dungca says.

In reality, comfort zones are not really a place of comfort but can even be your danger zone if it’s impeding you from moving forward.

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