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Surprise your loved one a bobblehead ninja gift this Valentine

Valentine is just around the corner, and just like the previous years, love birds are looking forward to expressing their love and exchange gifts. Quite often, shopping for the best gift can be a challenge. Obviously, marketers are up in arms trying to outdo each other in the advertisement space. There will be a lot on the table to choose from, from greeting cards, gift hampers, jewelry, chocolates, and flowers.

If you’re in a dilemma, you may consider a bobbleheadninja, and this will leave a smile on your loved ones face. Bobbleheads are not new on the market, they’ve existed for years on, and their popularity has been on a sharp rise recently.

The bobblehead ninja website has plenty of options that will leave you spoilt for choice. In this article, we’ll slice up everything about bobblehead ninjas and why you should pick one for your girlfriend or boyfriend during the valentine’s holiday. Read on.

What is a bobblehead ninja?

Before we dive deeper into the nitty-gritty of how to select the best bobblehead ninja gift for your loved one, let’s start by understanding what a bobblehead ninja is. A bobblehead ninja is a figuring that’s a replica image of a person. They have been around since the 1050s and are popular amongst celebrities and famous people. Most of them are made of plastic. However, it’s quite common to find these made of porcelain.

Do something different this year and order a bobblehead ninja

Exchanging giveaways and gifts are expected to drive the love mood on valentine’s day. When shopping for a gift this year, you can do it differently. A bobblehead ninja comes across as something unique to giveaway this year. Not only is it modern or classy but also pretty affordable and easy to obtain.

Why is a bobblehead gift unique?

The main thing that differentiates a bobblehead ninja from other items is that you can easily order for a custom option. Custom gifts allow you to give specifications on how you’d like the gift to look like. One perfect example is the bobblehead website that offers a wide variety of items to choose from. 

A closer look reveals a 100% custom offer, meaning you’ll get value by ordering your favorite figuring. There is a lot to consider, and this requires prior planning. This year, there are double bobbleheads of man and woman. Your partner will be over the mood when you order a figuring of you and her or him. 

Bobbleheads help in expressing your inner feelings, and this is one way of showing them you love, care, and is thinking about them. If you have kids together, you can still order for three, four, five, or even six people bobbleheads.

When it comes to selecting your favorite option, it will be pretty easy since you only need to send over a photo of how you’d like the bobblehead to appear. The order process is easy and straightforward.

There are amazing discounts, and prices have been slashed. Therefore, money should not be an issue since you’ll get a good product at a lower price. However, what really matters is the quality, which is top-notch in this case.

The customer support is superb, and you’ll get answers to any questions or concerns. That’s not all, and it’s important to order early to avoid last-minute hitches. However, you get everything delivered at your doorstep.

How does one order for a bobblehead ninja valentine’s gift?

It’s pretty easy to order a custom bobblehead for your loved one. The first step is to decide what you want. Do you want a single or double figuring? 

It’s important to give a brief description of your requirements and attach photos. Will your doll wear any clothes? Definitely yes, however, the clothes should blend with Valentin. You can probably choose the best outfit that fusions with your loved one’s style.

Before finalizing on order, you’ll receive samples of the product in the making. Once you’re satisfied, then the artists get down to business and craft the bobblehead to your satisfaction. 

The next step is to have the bobblehead delivered right at your doorstep with the shortest time possible. Therefore your loved one will receive the gift in time for valentine.

If you don’t have time to order custom bobbleheads, there’s always an easy way out. There are tens of standard bobblehead you can choose for any occasion. All you need is to visit the website and scroll through various options. After picking, the next step is to pay, and the company delivers. 

However, you’ll still need to consider the occasion and choose one that blends with a valentine. There are several of those that you’ll love to pick.

Celebrity bobbleheads as gift items during valentines. Sounds cool

Most people would do anything to get a bobblehead of their favorite celebrity. Some would even travel the world to acquire this valuable possible. Is your loved one obsessed with a particular famous person? You can consider a custom bobblehead ninja for that personality and have it delivered to them during valentine. It’s clearly a sign that you’re highly thinking of them and considering their needs during valentine’s occasion.


Valentine’s Day just got better with the bobblehead ninja presents. Surprise your loved one with a custom or standard figuring this valentine. It’s a perfect way of showing them you love, care, and are thinking about them.



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