Why Bobbleheads are the Best Gifts for any Occasion?

Bobbleheads are popularly recognized as dolls with oversized heads that bobble continuously for a long time. A spring is employed to make contact with the head that makes the bobbling possible. Bobbleheads are also known as “temple nodders”. In the 17th century, Buddha and other religious people face where engraved in the dolls and kept at the temple hence the name “temple nodders”. 

Usually, these bobbleheads are known to be admired by a lot of people because of their bobbling features. bobbleheads are now also made by replicating faces of people (custom bobbleheads), and this might stand a good opportunity to gift it to someone by printing their face in the bobblehead. By gifting them their own faced bobblehead can make them know how much you care for them.

Bobbleheads have become quite popular as a great idea of a present in the recent years, but if you’re still on the fence on whether or not you should gist one, here are the different occasions where bobbleheads can be gifted, and why you should choose customized ones – especially customized bobbleheads from sites like Modern Bobbleheads – over regular store-bought ones.

Couples Bobbleheads

Modern BobbleheadBobbleheads are just adorable as individuals but put a couple of them together and it’s just perfect! Who wouldn’t like a bobblehead of themselves and their gem of a partner? Buying them a couple of bobbleheads is one the best gift you can ever give. These custom bobbleheads can easily be bought in some gift shops or by ordering online from sites like Modern Bobbleheads, where the bobblehead is fully customizable and can be presented in any type of color and size of your wish. So order your customizable couple bobblehead now and express your love. 

When it comes to gifting something to your fiancé, it is quite obvious to buy a ring or a chain, etc. but gifting a bobblehead of you both together is not unique but also a grasping idea. Wouldn’t it be cute to see you both keep nodding your heads simultaneously? gifting yourself to someone is something ahead of the curve, which is assured to be liked by others.

Wedding Bobbleheads

Wedding giftsA wedding is a ceremony where two people join together to wish the best of luck to two very happy souls in love, and on such a magical and splendid occasion, gifting a bobblehead might be a great way of encouraging them to lead a happy life together. Except for giving them anything normal or mediocre, gift them bobblehead which is a unique idea too. 

When it comes to expressing love and affection bobbleheads play a very magical role in strengthening the bonds between a man and his wife. A wedding is a happy occasion where many meet and greet and gift their relatives, but to stand apart from other gifts, bobbleheads are always the best way.

Wedding bobbleheads are a great way for the bride and groom to celebrate their most precious day and have a blast, while also helping people remember the fun they had during your wedding. Get your wedding bobbleheads now at Modern Bobbleheads.

Gifting Bobbleheads To Your Parents

Parents are the ones that brought us into the world and the ones that care for you. Without them, you might not have become the person who you are now. Excluding parents, no one in the entire world gives love and expects nothing in return and when it comes to getting them a gift it cannot just be a normal gift. Gifting a bobblehead of your mother and father together as one piece is the best way to show your love towards them. when it comes to expressing love and affection bobbleheads play the main role.

Motivational Bobbleheads

Motivation is something we lack very often. Motivation is the backbone of your success. You not staying motivated is like a lion inside a cage, no matter how fierce, it can’t get anywhere, and motivation is like the key to your cage which sets you free. It gets you out of your limits and makes you do things that you thought you were not capable of. And to get some good motivation is by seeing your role model or inspiration. Not just in a picture but in the form of a bobblehead. 

Gifting yourself or someone a bobblehead of their favorite person can make them stay motivated, for example (if your friend plays football and has the potential to be a good football player but lacks motivation buying them a bobblehead of their favorite player is most needed thing to be done) and probably if he is a good player he must like Messi who is assumed to be the best player in the world. 

Getting a bobblehead of the best player in the world might not be a difficult task, as there are a number of online sites that can help you with this, but what really matters is how good your friend or loved one will feel when he/she looks at this every time he/she feels down, and almost instantly feels encouraged to not give up. That is the kind of person you want to be! 

Religious Bobbleheads

Religious BobbleheadsBobblehead, in other words, is temple nodder. These temple nodders were made in the 17th century. These had the figure of Buddha and many other religious people that dedicated their lives for the sake of religion. “Buddha“ in Sanskrit is known as ( son of the moon). He was a monk, philosopher, teacher whose teaching Buddhism was found. 

Having a bobblehead of such a believer and practitioner is the best way of preventing your house from the evil eye / bad eye. It is hard to believe that the bobbleheads of some ancient monks were used to get rid of the devil. And is also used while performing an exorcism (a ceremony performed to remove an evil soul from a human body). Gifting a religious bobblehead to someone is the best way of getting God’s blessing.

Bobbleheads are the perfect gifts for any occasion, and not just the ones we have mentioned in this article. If you still need convincing, head over to Modern Bobbleheads and look at all the reviews submitted by people who have received their custom bobblehead gifts, and then make an informed decision. 


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