Heart-Shaped Cake

Can You Give Me A Cake Decoration Idea?

I’m making a heart-shaped cake for Valentine’s Day. But, I don’t know how I’m going to decorate it. If you can, please include pictures of decorated cakes! Thanks!!

Details About Heart-Shaped Cake:

  1. Take cake and ice with white frosting. sprinkle with red sugar all over top, then using a small-med shell tip, pipe scallops along the outside top edge all around the top of the cake
  2. Like put heart-shaped sprinkles on top and one of those eatable stickers that are pretty and shaped like a heart….totally cute.
  3. A quick way is to make a cake from cake mix, frost or ice and then open a box of chocolates and place them in a pattern on top – looks really very nice – of course. You might not want to buy ones with nut centers if anyone has allergies to nuts…. have fun!
  4. Well, you could slice the cake in half put raspberry jam in the middle put both halves together. Cover the cake with either a hard chocolate shell or chocolate frosting and then in white frosting I love you, or even a pinkish frosting is acceptable. Sound good? What are you looking for? Something extravagant would be to cover it in conversation hearts or make it look like one or you could put Hershey hugs and kisses in a heart shape on top. Yeah, that’s the one I would do and then use concentric hearts for other candies.
  5. You need a design that’s both topical and in keeping with current trends. We suggest a cake that resembles one of the best trending cakes such as pinata cake, rasmalai cake, makeup cake, and more.
  6. I don’t know how adept you are at decorating. If you have all the tools, you can make this beautiful floral cake. It’s stunning and amazingly easy.
  7. Decoration-Decorate the cake with a picture of you and your sweetie. Or you can select a photo cake with decoration or any theme-based cakes for your special ones.
  8. I do not have pictures but I did a cake once with large chocolate nonpareils around the whole top border of the cake as well as around the bottom. Sugared flowers would probably be nice too if edible flowers are available in your grocery store.
  9. You can use a fancy paper heart (the kind with lacy-looking cut-outs), and either powdered sugar or chocolate. Lay the heart on the cake and using a sifter sprinkle the powder over it, and then carefully remove the heart. It looks really pretty on a plain (no frosting) chocolate cake.
  10. You can decorate the cake with flowers. But, you should keep in mind that, flowers will be their favorite.
  11. You can also surprise them with the cutest gift or gift hamper such as some personalized gifts, heart-shaped cake, chocolate boxes, or many more.
  12. If your special ones are a fan of teddies then you select the best teddy bear for them for surprising them in a lovely way.

It’s time to Order

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