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Which Turf Variety Requires the Lowest Maintenance?

While a soft, lush, and vividly green lawn is every homeowner’s dream, the reality of our turf dreams requires frequent maintenance with regular watering, mowing, and fertilizing.

When selecting your next turf, prior research will benefit you – as some turfs require much higher maintenance than others, so when choosing your next turf, it is essential to weigh up the characteristics of each variety. Hence, you get the correct turf for your requirements.

Luckily we have a large variety of turf that will suit anyone’s needs, especially for homeowners who want a low maintenance lawn but still desire the look of a lush and green turf.

Although there is no one type of turf with the ultimate lowest maintenance, so, it is essential to consider each pro and con of the most popular types of grasses.

Although it is no easy task to distinguish Turf Characteristics, hence why we put together this helpful guide, so our clients can understand how much maintenance is required from each type of grass in our inventory.

What Characteristics are Important for a Low Maintenance Turf Variety?

A low-maintenance type of turf allows you to enjoy your lawn for a more extended period in between maintenance check-ups, requiring less fertilizing, mowing, and watering.

For most households, a low-maintenance type of turf is the ideal lawn variety; from busy families, less mobile homeowners, and for areas prone to water restrictions, a low-maintenance turf gives your lawn the best chance for survival with less watering.

Low-maintenance turf only needs watering as the lawn begins to brown or wilt. Deep watering should be performed on a routine basis, ideally between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. Typically, a low maintenance lawn comprises of the following characteristics:

  • Slow-growing features
  • Deep root system
  • High soil moisture
  • Low nitrogen requirements
  • Shade tolerance
  • Resistance to wear and drought

Although the essential consideration when selecting your new lawn type is to consider your family’s unique lifestyle and needs, some of the previously mentioned characteristics might not work for your family.

For example, if your household has young children and pets who spend a lot of time on the lawn, a slow-growing type of lawn will not be the best choice. As in this scenario, the high amount of foot traffic will damage the grass and not encourage the turf to repair itself quickly. However, a tough lawn will be able to grow back and improve quicker, allowing your property to look healthy even with a high amount of foot traffic.

Therefore, finding the best-looking lawn for your situation will require making some compromises. As in the previous example, the homeowners will need to ask themselves if settling for a slow-growing lawn that requires less mowing is more essential or is the lawn’s look and feel more important??

In addition to lifestyle requirements, a low-maintenance lawn is a grass type appropriate for your home’s specific location and climate. This will affect the growing conditions of your yard.

Thankfully your Local Landscape Supplier in Sydney will be able to recommend the best variety of turf for your home and recommend the best advice when it comes to your family’s unique requirements.

Are you searching for a Landscape Supplier Near Me? Andrew’s Turf Supplies is a reliable Sydney-based turf supplier. Our friendly team has the expert knowledge to supply and install turf that is guaranteed to thrive on your property.

Don’t just take our word for it! Check out The Andrew’s Gallery to discover Andrew’s high-quality turf installations and landscape supplies throughout Sydney. 

Buffalo Grass Sydney

There are many types of Buffalo Grasses on the market, and this is because Buffalo is the most popular choice for turf supplies in Sydney and is a well-balanced low maintenance variety of turf.

Types of Buffalo Grasses grow less thatch than other varieties on this list, which means they are less invasive. Most kinds of Buffalo Grasses maintain deep-rooted watering systems, meaning they are water efficient and are excellent choices for homes in drought-prone areas.

As there are so many types of Buffalo varieties, some styles have less maintenance than others. In particular, Palmetto Buffalo requires little watering and is a slow-growing type of Buffalo grass with a soft leaf that the whole family can enjoy. Sapphire is another type of Buffalo grass that requires low maintenance, as this variety thrives when watering infrequently.

For most types of Buffalo grasses, they can be mown every 7-10 days to a height of 45mm or lower for less maintenance, although, in shaded areas, cut Buffalo grasses to a size of about 60mm.

Zoysia Grass Sydney

Types of Zoysia Grass varieties are widely agreed to be the lowest maintenance grasses in the Sydney turf market, primarily due to their slow-growing and deep-rooted features. Saving homeowners on frequent mowing and fertilizing under gentle use, Zoysia grasses maintain dense surfaces which naturally resist diseases, weeds, and pests. We recommend Augusta Zoysia, Empire Zoysia, and Nara Zoysia for properties across Sydney at Andrew’s Turf Supplies.

For Zoysia grasses, you should mow every 3 to 4 weeks to a height of between 35mm to 45mm or less frequently if you don’t mind longer grass.

Kikuyu Grass Sydney

Kikuyu is a rapid-growing type of turf that grows dense and lush grass; with such vigorous growth, this type of grass repairs itself very quickly when under heavy foot traffic. Kikuyu Grass also maintains a deep root base which allows this turf to be quite drought-resistant even on the hottest Sydney summer days.

While this grass requires higher maintenance than the other varieties in this article, Kikuyu grass is best suited for homes that get a lot of foot traffic and still want a relatively low maintenance turf.

How Do I Choose the Lowest Maintenance Turf Variety for My Location?

Andrew’s Turf Supplies offers a wide variety of turf varieties for Commercial Turf Projects and Residential Turf Projects in Sydney, including; Palmetto Buffalo, Matilda Buffalo, Sapphire Buffalo, Couch, Shademaster, and Kikuyu, all grown in beautiful Hawkesbury, New South Wales.

No matter if you are looking for turf supplies in Windsor or Penrith or turf supplies in Sydney, Andrew’s highly experienced team is available to help you install and maintain beautiful Sydney lawns.


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