What is depression? Know the causes of depression, Symptoms, How Can depression be treated?

Depression – Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Depression is a common and serious medical illness. Know What causes depression? What can depression lead to? Symptoms of Depression? And how to treat?

What is depression?

Depression is a widespread and severe ailment that has a very negative impact on the way we think, feel and act. As per the WHO (World Health Organization), the most common ailment in the world is depression, and around 350 million people suffer from it globally. The good part is that it can be treated and the affected person can again get back to normal. The person affected by this suffers a lot and always feels sad, loses interest in the activities of his choice and suffer from other physical and emotional problems. The ability to work decreases and a negative environment surrounds the person.

What can depression lead to?

The clinical depression which if not treated can pose severe problems for the affected person. The depressed person can find pleasure in alcohol and drugs which can soon turn into an addiction. What can depression cause? A person suffering from depression may become angry and anxious at the drop of a hat and hence the relationships may turn sour, performance at the workplace may also deteriorate due to the same reason, and it becomes a herculean task to win over the severe ailments. The most severe impact of depression is on the overall thought process, and that person can not think properly. 

What can depression do to your physical health? Depression takes a toll on the physical health as well, the depressed person may suffer from stroke or heart attacks. The depressed person may also suffer from various body aches and gets tired easily. 


The person is said to be affected by depression if he/she has at least 5 of the below-mentioned symptoms for a minimum of 2 weeks:-

  • There is a sense of guilt throughout the day.
  • Lack of energy and tiredness every day.
  • Take prompt decisions, find it hard to remember detail and can not focus.
  • Insomnia, or on the flip side, you tend to sleep too much every day.
  • Lose interest in all the activities that you enjoyed doing the most.
  • Gain or Lose weight without intentions and suffer from a low appetite.
  • A lot of negativity surrounds and the person can also get suicidal thoughts. 
  • Frequent mood swings, restlessness, and feeling of worthlessness.

What causes it?

There are still studies going on about the exact cause of depression, and there is not a single cause of depression.  Factors include:-

  • Environmental factors.
  • Some social or psychological factors.
  • Genetic disorders
  • Biological factors.
  • People who have suffered from some childhood trauma are more likely to suffer from depression.
  • Depression may be caused when a person is unable to cope with the pressures of life.
  • If a person suffers from some chronic ailments like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes or various body aches, there is a chance that the person may suffer depression. 
  • Some of the drugs prescribed like beta-blockers, interferon, etc may also cause depression.
  • If you have suffered from a head injury in the past then also you may suffer from depression.
  • Interestingly, depression can be a cause of your stars as well. As per Astrology, a dosha in Kundali (Mangal Dosha) or birth chart can also be the reason behind a person suffering from depression. 


Can depression go away? Will it ever be cured? What will depression medication do? There are several questions that come to our mind when we think of it. 

Depression can indeed be treated and this is one of the most common mental disorders. Most of the folks who suffer from depression respond very well to the treatment and get relief from all the symptoms. Patients do well with the medications, psychotherapy or a combination of both. Adopt These Habits: Make Your Lifestyle Great Again

The most important thing a person suffering from depression needs is love and support. They should be continuously counseled from a family member or friend apart from the medical treatment. There are some of the patients who respond better to this kind of counseling. There are three significant ways in which you can tackle depression- 

Antidepressants drug treatment is one of the methods which helps to combat depression.

There is the one talking therapy which is psychotherapy, and one such treatment is CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy). 

Support method which includes discussion about the solutions which are practical, educating the family members of the patient, etc. 6 Habits to Bring In Lifestyle for Positive Change!

When the depression is a bit mild, psychotherapy is the first option, and in the moderate or severe cases, it can be practiced along with the other options. Interpersonal therapy and CBT are the two main psychotherapies can treat the depression and out of which, CBT can perform over the telephone, in person or groups by the expert therapist and interpersonal therapy, on the other hand, helps the patients to identify the problems related to emotional turmoil which affects the relationships and communication.

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