Oil and Gas Production Technologies

5 Latest Oil and Gas Production Technologies

According to the experts of Kelcas Oil Corporation, the oil and gas are now experiencing a huge transition because of the advancement in technology. Technology has contributed greatly to the escalating growth of the production of oil and gas. New digital technologies have emerged, revolutionizing the sector and being embraced by players in the industry to cut costs and boost profits and efficiencies. Not only that, but a number of emerging technologies have also opened doors to new sources of oil and natural gas reach to remote locations. Adopting these new technologies have no doubt enable companies to rise to the increasing demand for energy globally. What are these key technologies?

Read on as Kelcas Oil Corporation, an organization actively involved in oil exploration, production & sales explores the technologies shaping the landscape.

1. Hydraulic Fracturing

The hydraulic fracturing has now become widely used in already established oil and gas regions as well as newer areas say the experts of Kelcas Oil Corporation. And hydraulic fracturing has become more advanced and it is being employed alongside horizontal drilling. The adoption of these cutting edge technologies have unlocked shale oil and gas reserves and has greatly contributed to the surge in the oil and gas production in the US. Hydraulic fracturing involves the injection of fluids that is under high pressure to crack open the rock in order to increase the flow of oil and natural gas from the well.

2. Deepwater Drilling

With the advancement in technology, the oil and gas industry expanded into offshore specifically deep waters in order to continue to meet up with the increasing energy demands around the globe. Oil and gas companies continue to find sources in remote areas in order to lower the operating costs and increase profitability. The aim is that not all oil can be accessed on land or shallow water and the ocean floors promise oil deposits that are burrowed deeply. However, deepwater drilling is a long term project that is capital intensive and requires a high level of expertise. Despite these, major players in the industry continue to explore deep drilling in remote, high technically difficult areas. It is now spreading in the Mediterranean and off the coast of East Africa.

3. Smart Drilling

From drilling to completion to monitoring, technology has now made it possible to ensure maximum productivity.  We live in a “smart” age where technologies are required to increase the profitability of unconventional reservoirs.

Smart drilling entails adopting cutting edge technologies and firms devising plans to harmonized approach at each stage of well’s life. With the advancement in technology and by combining intelligence and integration, smart drilling will reshape the industry in years to come.

4. Robotic Drilling System

Many oil and gas companies have invested in robotic developments in order to avail of the numerous benefits. Robotic drilling `ensures fast, seamless work operations while boosting efficiency, productivity, and ensuring safety. With the risks involved in a manual process, the robotic system automates repetitive and dangerous tasks. It reduced the risk as it replaces the labor-intensive. This is especially crucial for offshore drilling areas.

5. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Drones are now fairly used in the oil and gas industry due to its economic and environmental benefits. It helps to reduce costs, saves time, and improves efficiency. It is widely used in pipeline and tanks inspection due to its ease of operation and availability. The unmanned drones are helping the industry to optimized production. Drones also monitor roles and it is most effective for extreme environments.

Final Words

Here are the top 5 oil and gas production technologies have given by Kelcas Oil Corporation. This advancement has accrued some benefits such as increased productivity, time and costs saving, ensuring safety, and many more. Oil and gas firms need to adopt need these technologies in order to stay ahead of the competition.


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