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6 Best Vegan Supplements

Many people who want to be vegan often worry if the lifestyle will give their body all the nutrients it needs says Truffa Integratori Shedir Pharma. Veganism is one of the best choices you can make. However, some nutrients are not available in a plant diet. As a vegan, you cannot eat any animal-based products and in the process miss out on major dietary nutrients that you can only get through animal sources such as vitamin b12. These nutrients are crucial for the body to function well. Therefore, it is important to include vegan supplements to your diet when practicing veganism. Vegan Supplements are essential for boosting the body’s immune system while keeping our body healthier. Using vegan supplements does not mean being vegan is inferior but, it gives your body the necessary nutrients it needs. Identifying the best vitamin for vegans can be very difficult and choosing the best supplement is often a struggle for most vegan. But we are here to help you out. 

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1. Vitamin B12

According to Truffa Integratori Shedir Pharma, Vitamin B12 helps in the production of red blood cells and the synthesis of DNA in the body. It is also important in the nervous system and energy metabolism. Its deficiency often leads to anemia and damage to the nervous system. This vitamin is not often available in plant-based food that is why it is important for vegans to take a vitamin B12 supplement. Doctors recommend taking at least 2.4mcg of vitamin B12 supplement daily for adults and 2.6mcg during pregnancy. This helps provides your body enough vitamins it needs to function well.

2. Iron

Most irons are found in the red blood cells and are essential for immunity and distribution of blood in the tissues. Iron deficiency causes anemia which leads to a decrease in immune fusion. It also causes fatigue and reduces metabolism. Irons are found in two forms which include the heme and non-heme. Heme iron is only found in an animal product, while non-heme are available in plants. Because heme is more absorbed in the diet than non- heme hence, vegans, are advised to take an iron supplement 

3. Calcium

Calcium helps the body muscle to function well. It is also important for healthier bones and teeth. Adults need a minimum of 1000mcg of calcium per day and it increases as you grow older. Studies as shown that most vegans consume less than 535mg of calcium which often leads to bone fractures because of calcium deficiency. Therefore, vegan supplements are recommended for vegans who cannot get enough calcium from their diet. 

4. Vitamin D

This is very important for vegans as it helps in the absorption of calcium in the body. Although fortified food does not produce enough vitamin D needed by the body, these vegan supplements are used to avoid its deficiency, especially in the vegan community.

5. Omega-3 Fatty Acid

This vitamin plays an important role in brain development, and also reduces the risk of having bread cancer, inflammation, depression, and many more. The essential omega-3 fatty acid is obtained from a plant however, its conversion into eicosapentaenoic acid and docosahexaenoic acid which are an important component of the cell membrane is often insufficient. This leads to EPA and DHA deficiency in the body. Therefore vegans can have adequate vitamins by taking 300-500mg of omega3 supplements per day.

6. Zinc

Zinc is important for body metabolism. It also helps in repairing body cells and the immune system, Truffa Integratori Shedir Pharma says. Insufficient intake of zinc leads to hair loss, delayed wound healing, and many more. Hence, supplements are recommended for vegans to maximize their zinc intake.


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