Top 5 Pink Flowers With Their Beautiful Meanings

Top 5 Pink Flowers with their Beautiful Meanings

The shade pink has always been associated with strength, grace, and elegance. Pink flowers also embody the virtues of women and thus, if you are about to send flowers to Lucknow online to your best lady, then this will be the perfect floral gift you can go for. Pink flowers signify passion, emotion, and love. The shade is contemporary, and hence, the blooms are very versatile. The flowers go on several events, from love to gratitude, from happiness to admiration, and from showing thankfulness to convey departure. 

Pink flowers are not only listed as the best gifts but also make any ordinary surface even more graceful and help you to transmit tenderness, sweetness or even a romantic vibe.

Moreover, pink represents friendship, affection, harmony and inner peace and is frequently associated with flowers. Let’s keep reading to find more about pink flowers. 

1. Pink Roses

Pink roses were found in fossils and were over forty years old. 5,000 years ago, pink roses were seen in China’s Imperial Garden as established in the report. The greeting cards of the Victorian era were also pink roses craft. The meaning of the pink flowers varies as per the shades. Deep or hot pink rose to signify gratitude. Light pink roses and medium pink roses represent first love, happiness, congratulations, gentleness, and admiration, respectively. So, with their deep and lovely meanings, they can be an ideal gift for your near and dear ones undoubtedly. 

2. Pink Tulips

Pink tulips represent an abundance of good wishes and happiness. Flowers increase confidence and prosperity. Tulips are available in many shapes, but pink tulips should be your choice if you want to present it to your friend on their birthday or a job well done. These blooms are believed to be ideal flowers to celebrate spiritual love. A bouquet of mix tulips could be an ideal option for the first day of the job or a new journey of someone’s life when you would like to wish them luck from your side. So, before you go to order & send flowers to Nagpur flowers online, have a look at the beautiful arrangements of pink tulips offered by various online florist shops. 

3. Azalea 

Azalia is a shade-tolerant flowering plant, and it is better to grow them under the tree. These pink flowers last for several weeks. The Chinese call Azalia as ‘thinking of home bush’ and find it immortal mention in Du Fu’s poem. Azalea is also a national flower of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Dark pink color also signifies passion and love so that it could be a beautiful gift for your partner. Both red and dark pink azalea flowers symbolize romantic feelings. Another shade of the azalea flower is purple. As with most other purple flowers, the azalea flower is usually used as a symbol of royalty. 

4. Begonias 

Begonias come in a variety of shades. Charles Plumier named this flower after a French politician, which means to return the favor. Begonias are a double-edged weapon as far as the meaning is concerned. The flower can be sent to alert people of challenges ahead. The flowers also represent sad thoughts that become hurdles and distractions in the way of a happier you. However, on the other hand, they stand for behavior, justice, friendship, and thankfulness; thus, you can make your best friend or any other special one speechless by presenting them with begonias.

5. Pink Carnations

The pink color is one of the most popular shades in the long carnation list. The color of pretty carnations ranges from baby pink to shocking pink. It is believed to be the most preferred pick of decor in the Greek and Roman era. In this modern time, these are also much popular in decoration of various functions like weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and many more. The pink carnation best describes a mother’s pure love as it is believed that pink carnations sprung up when Mother Mary’s tears fell. From that time on, pink carnations became a symbol of a mother’s undying love for their children. So, there is no doubt it can be the best present for your loving mother.

We hope you came to know more about Pink flowers & their meanings and will surely try the listed flowers to make your special one happier.


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