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15 Tips to Maximize Your Rug Cleaning Ability

The rugs are normally considered vital for the decor of the house and its premises. They are usually found spread in the hallways, walkthrough, lounge areas, bedrooms, dining areas, etc. When placed in different parts of the house, the beauty of the house and its interior is enhanced. It creates a beautiful feeling of neatness and cleanliness. They are inconvenient to use for all house members and that’s why it gets dirty too. The children while playing may throw some snacks over it or an adult having a cup of coffee can do a mistake of spilling over the carpet. In such circumstances, the rug cleaning becomes an important priority.

15 tips for keeping up the rugs

Sharing below some ideas that help in keeping up your rugs and also maximize their cleaning ability:

1-        Buy a safe fabric rug

Keep in mind, when you visit the market to buy any rug for house decoration, Check the stuff of rug. It helps in choosing that rug whose fabric is safe for cleaning and steam processing. If you mistakenly buy any silk or nylon fabric rug, then normal cleaning strategies are not applicable and even steam can damage the stuff. This shows how important is to know about the stuff of rug.

2-        Stick to the planned schedule

The cleaning timetable of the month helps you in keeping the record and house items up to date. The time table is always useful in managing the daily cleaning of households. It does not let you ignore any belonging from tidiness.

3-        Use of cover sheets

Try to cover the rugs with any sheet. You may have any extra or non-useable bed sheets in the store. Spread them on the rugs. It secures the rug from any drink spills or curry stains. The covers get dirty with continuous usage, but they protect the underlying rug surface. The sheets are easy to wash and dry.

4-        Avoid shoe contact

Make a habit of taking off shoes before your rug. It helps any dust contamination or piling up on the surface of the rug. The shoes and feet carry so many germs and soil particles that should be avoided over the rugs.

5-        Train your pets and kids

The pets are easily tamed and trained but you have to give energy and time. Train them not to sit or relax on your rugs to avoid the fall of pet dander. The fur of pets starts to settle on the surface and becomes a source of allergens.

6-        Use of vacuum machine

Make a habit of daily removing dust using a vacuum cleaner. If you are a business person or doing a job anywhere and finding it difficult to do vacuuming daily then at least apply it twice a week. This will help in the eviction of soil particles that comes through footsteps or open windows.

rug cleaning

7-        Deep cleaning of the rug

It is advisable to perform a deep cleaning of your rug once a year. Doing yourself is not possible if, then hire rug steam cleaning services available in the town or nearby market of your house. They are professionals and offer thorough cleaning of the rug. It is necessary to increase the life and condition of the rug.

8-        Homemade cleaning products

You can prepare multiple such products at home. Just search over the internet and will get many ideas. One such magical solution is the use of baking soda, vinegar, and water. Prepare a considerable amount of solution and put it inside the bottle. Apply it evenly on the rug and give it some time to rest like 30 – 45 minutes. Clear it with a wet cloth.

9-        Sprinkle hydrogen peroxide

This chemical is so good in the rejuvenation of the rug. It helps to give back a beautiful shine to the fur of the rug. The rug starts sparkling once again.

10-      Moisture evacuation

After washing the rug, make sure to dry it thoroughly so that, no water content is left. Otherwise, it creates a problem in developing microbial propagation.

11-      Kill the microbes

With the passage of time and continuous usage, the rugs get dirty and nasty germs also inhabit it. Thus, the elimination of such dangerous germs is highly necessary, to keep rug safe and healthy.

12-      Rug cleaners

If you are not getting any results from home products then you can buy rug cleaning products from mart too. Be cautious while applying. Carefully read the label stick to the bottle.

13-      Removal of bad smell

The bad smell that comes from wet or dirty carpets, is very annoying and it gives a bad impression too. Use odor fresheners to treat the unpleasant smell.

14-      Steam cleaning technology

Today the world is advancing in the technology and its applications. A steam vacuum cleaner is one such example. Rug steam cleaning provides a stainless treatment to your rugs and clears away all the dust particles too.

15-      Only use green chemicals

Do not apply harsh chemicals for rug maintenance rather opt for user-friendly products.


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