Stapler: An Invention That Made Human Work Simpler

A stapler is a mechanical device that is used to fasten sheets of paper together. Also, similar materials are joined by a stapler, driving a piece of metal known as a staple through them. Staplers are used in different places such as offices, homes, hospitals, construction areas, schools, private sectors and government organizations. They are comfortable and straightforward to use with a range of benefits; thus, they play a significant role in any office set up. There are different types of staplers where they are either manual or electric.

How Staplers Work

Staplers hold together documents hence preventing a room from getting filled up with a lot of things. They are made in different sizes and shapes. They have different parts that help them to perform effectively, depending on the material they are stapling. Staplers work when staples are pushed towards the stack of documents. A tooth in this device helps in puncturing the papers making the legs of the same electronic to fold as it is putting the items in place. Finally, the stapled document will drop on one location when it is stapled, forming a firm binding that will not split when it falls on the ground.

Staple Guns

They do the same work as staplers though they require a lot of energy and power. They are durable and stronger when compared to standard office staplers. Upholstery staple guns are used in the jobs around the house and do it yourself works such as fastening furniture and up-cycling. Heavy-duty staple guns are used in stapling a thick stack of materials. A spring-like mechanism is used to support the wood or plastic where the staple is inserted entirely in a way that the piece remains intact for along period. Staple guns have a lot of uses, depending on your particular needs.They are of an advantage when stapling down the wiring and installation of insulation.

Types of Staple Guns

1. Manual Staple Guns

It is a common type of staple gun since they are less expensive and easy to load. Unlike the staplers in your working place, they do not have a plate under the staple. Staples in these devices do not bend but enters directly to the object. You can use them in handiwork operations such as roofing, wrapping, and carpeting. You apply them by wrapping your fingers around the stock then you press down the trigger.

2. Electric Staple Guns

They are types of staple guns that are either plugged into power sources or run off by the use of batteries. When you compare them with the manual staple guns, they are much simpler to use. They have standard velocity and produce a lot of staples in a second. They are highly applicable in a place where there is work that requires much stapling. Electric power is used to drive the fastener into the object when the device is actuated. They need less amount of force to shoot the staple into the material.

3. Pneumatic Staple Guns

They are mostly used by contractors who use materials that require a great deal while stapling. Little physical effort is applied when you are using this staple gun since the pressure is exerted from the inside. You staple using the pneumatic staple gun by merely pulling the trigger hence propelling the staple into the surface of a wood or upholstery. It has a long nose that enables it to reach the corners. Notably, these machines can use different sizes of staples depending on the task to be achieved.

Different Ways of Using a Stapler

1. Tacking

Objects such as bulleting boards and cork strips are attached using a tacking stapler. It is an essential tool for those in schools as well as daycares. Tacking staplers have a base that allows the staples to be put directly into the object instead of folding close to the anvil.

2. Pinning

It is a method of stapling that binds papers or other materials temporarily. To pin a document, the anvil in the stapler will either slide or rotate; thus, the staples will bend outwards. Some staplers pin objects together by letting one leg of the staple to turn outwards and the other one inwards.

3. Permanent Fastening

It is a way of stapling whereby items are bound together by putting a staple through them. An is used anvil in bending the staple inward. Materials that are joined using the permanent method of stapling remain in one piece for long.

4. Saddle and Stapleless

Saddle staplers are used in making booklets since they have an inverted V for stapling pre-fold papers. Stapleless staplers join documents by punching a small piece of paper and weaving it into the inside through a notch.

Parts of a Stapler

A stapler has a handle that exerts a force that is used to push a staple inside the items. A pin is another component that allows the handle to move up and down when loading the staples. Staples are metallic objects that join different materials together. A pusher is a metallic part of the stapler that adjusts to hold a strip of staples. A magazine is a portion that contains the pusher and staples. A hammer is used in driving a staple through the stack of documents. Anvil and the crimp area bend the staples putting them in shapes that will join the materials in a better way. A throat is a section where you place the objects that are being stapled. A base is the bottom of the staple that gives it support when it is stapling.


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