Best time to go Kedarnath

When is the best time to go Kedarnath in 2024?

In the heart of the Himalayas stands Kedarnath defined by its deep spiritual somewhat and rough nature in Uttarakhand, India. Famous as the place of pilgrimage for Hindus, Kedarnath is a sacred shrine where you will meet thousands of pilgrims on their way to trek the rough hills in their search for temples that are deemed sacred. However, choosing the best time to go Kedarnath make the trek can significantly enrich your experience in Kedarnath’s rugged terrains and sacred shrines.

Understand Kedarnath’s Climate and Seasons

Prior to your journey to Kedarnath in 2024, you should comprehend changes pertaining to the weather and seasonality of the region. Like most Himalayan destinations, the weather in Kedarnath is moderate during summers, experiences a harsh winter season, and the monsoon season can be risky due to heavy rainfall.

Winters make the region inaccessible, and the temples remain closed to the Kedarnath temple general public. Moreover, the summer period is only the ideal period when you can also book the Chardham yatra by Helicopter. Let’s have a look at the weather that the Kedarnath dham experiences in detail.


Summer (April/May to June)

As winter fades and nature awakens from her dormant state, Kedarnath offers visitors a delightful treat in summer. Snow reduces to reveal lush meadows, vivid flora, and breathtaking waterfalls; temperatures gradually increase, creating ideal trekking conditions. This makes it the best time to go Kedarnath. 

Additionally, the Kedarnath Temple opens its sacred doorways and allows devotees to participate in religious rituals against its picturesque background.

Monsoon (June/July to September)

Between June/July to September, travelers can expect heavy rainfall. Hence, this is not the best time to go Kedarnath. Monsoon season offers relief to parched land but also presents challenges in terms of landslides and road closures in Himalayan terrain.

Hence, this makes travel during this season particularly treacherous and unpredictable. The government advises and does not encourage any trekking and traveling to Kedarnath Dham during this period. 

Please wait until the rain subsides before visiting Kedarnath, as weather changes rapidly in this part of the Himalayan terrain. It is important to be safe, and they make your travel plans for the next season. 

Post Monsoon (September to November)

From September/October through November, you can expect some nice temperatures with no sign of rainfall in sight. It should provide ample opportunity for exploring some great outdoor spaces. So this can be best time to go Kedarnath.

Kedarnath comes alive during autumn as its lush foliage transforms into an array of golden hues. At the same time, temperatures remain mild – providing just the right mix of warmth and crispness in the mountain air. 

October and November witness a gradual reduction in tourist numbers, providing visitors with peaceful moments to themselves amid tranquil environs; also, this period marks festive celebrations such as Diwali being observed widely around Kedarnath. Hence, this is the best time to go Kedarnath. 

Winter: December to February

Kedarnath temple

Winter transforms Kedarnath into an icy wonderland, turning the region into something out of a fairy tale. However, due to harsh weather and temperatures below zero degrees, Kedarnath becomes inaccessible even to hardened travellers; consequently, the Temple closes during this season due to persistent snowfall, blanketing mountain trails and restricting movement. Hence, this is not the best time to go Kedarnath.

Yet winter offers adventure enthusiasts an exceptional chance for snow treks through this breathtaking frozen wonderland. However, you must make any travel plans after understanding the weather conditions thoroughly. 

Best Time to go to Kedarnath

Due to varied climate and seasonal fluctuations, selecting a suitable time and place for visiting Kedarnath in 2024 requires careful thought and reflection on personal needs and travel objectives.

If you desire an ideal combination of pleasant weather, accessibility, and a spiritual atmosphere, then the summer months (April to May) offer excellent conditions. During these months, you can witness nature’s magnificent transformation and partake in religious rituals at Kedarnath Temple. Hence, it can be the best time to go Kedarnath. 

You can embark upon heartwarming treks among breathtaking Himalayan views – witness nature at work during its transformation before embarking upon trekking adventures among these stunning Himalayan valleys!

If you prefer peace and serenity amidst nature’s embrace, October-November offers an ideal time. Tourist numbers decrease while autumnal hues add beauty. Here, visitors can take pleasure in Kedarnath without all its bustle during peak season crowds.

Important Tips For A Peaceful Kedarnath Dham Yatra

  • Be physically fit before you plan for the yatra, as reaching the temple requires extensive trekking. 
  • Book all your hotels, transportation, and other requirements in advance to avoid last-minute hassle. 
  • Carry all your essentials, including medications, first-aid, warm clothes, rain gear, good trekking shoes, cash etc. 
  • Complete the registration process, understand how to reach Kedarnath, and travel in groups. 


At its heart, choosing the best time to go Kedarnath, all boils down to personal preferences, weather tolerance levels and adventure appetite. Be it spring’s blooms, summer landscapes or golden autumn hues, each season offers something special in Kedarnath!

As you plan your pilgrimage to Kedarnath in 2024, remember the essence of this sacred land: spirituality melding harmoniously with nature’s grandeur for peaceful, restful nights and inspiring awakening spirits alike.


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