Campfire Cooking Essentials
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Campfire Cooking Essentials – Tools and Equipment Every Student Should Have

Going camping is a fun adventure a lot of students enjoy. If you go to camp for a few days, cooking something on an open fire is an excellent idea. In this article, you’ll find all the crucial information on campfire cooking gear.

Campfire Cooking 101

The food cooking on a fire tastes better for some reason. And it is great to have a proper meal even if you are on the top of a mountain. Those who are new to this might wonder what equipment and gear they need. Do not worry; we’ve got you covered! So get ready to head on your camping trip.

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In the meantime, you can plan your trip and the cooking part. There are plenty of equipment out there. But you do not need all of it, especially for the first time. There are essentials and nice-to-have things that are optional.

Before you decide what to buy and pack, consider:

  • How long you are going to be camping;
  • How much space you have in a backpack to take gear with you;
  • What are you going to cook?

Knowing recipes beforehand means you’ll take all the right ingredients with you. Also, it shapes what gear you might need, a pan or a pot. Do not overcomplicate things for the first trip. There is no need to bake pies or create a three-course meal. The fact that you can do it doesn’t mean you have to.

Essential to Start a Fire

The first step is to start a fire you are going to cooking on. It is pretty simple, but it is better to come ready. Remember to begin fires only in designated places and be ethical travelers. Never leave it without someone to watch it. And make sure you put it out completely after you are done.

Generally, you will need:

  • Firewood. There is an option to collect some on-site, but you never know whether it is going to be wet or not. Note that softwood burns much quicker than hardwood. So if you take pine, for instance, you are going to need more of it in comparison to oak or maple;
  • Lighter or matches. Matches are more compact, but they can get wet or lost. Having a lighter is more reliable;
  • Fire starters. Those are things that burn quickly and help to start it all. You can use a paper, fuel, or small sticks;
  • Hatchet to split wood into smaller pieces. It is overall a very handy tool when camping.

That’s it; these items will cover this step. Now, let’s move to the essential cooking gear you’ll need.

Cooking Essentials

Grill Grate

It is something you need. You will use it to put a pan or a pot here. You can also grill meat or vegetables on it.

Some campsites have grates available. But you might not be sure they are going to be there. Also, they can be pretty nasty and unclean. Bringing your own is a smart and safe choice.

The grate size depends on how many people are camping and what you will cook. Opt for a smaller one if you are not planning to host huge dinners. It will be easier to pack, for sure.

Cast Iron Pan

Such a pan allows cooking a variety of meals. It is durable, trustworthy, and will serve you a lifetime. It is incredibly versatile. You can cover all your cooking needs outside with only an iron pan. And you can use it at home as well, so it is a fantastic item.

A Metal Pot

A metal pot with a lid is another versatile piece of equipment you want to have. Students can cook almost anything in it. And it works perfectly to boil water and make coffee or tea. You can cook pasta or rice with it while the meat is on the grill.

Overall, it is a handy item that is easy to pack. Students can opt for a smaller one or choose a decent-sized pot. A lid protects you from the heat when cooking. And it protects the food from dirt or insects.

Metal Tongs

They are great for managing the firewood or the food. They are safe and durable as well. You can use them to turn the steak on the grill. Or you can use them to turn wood or coal.

Do not buy silicon or plastic ones; only metal will withstand the fire.

Heat-Resistant Gloves

To be safe while operating on a fire, use heat-resistant gloves. Yes, you might think you will be careful, so there is no need for that. But accidents happen, and it is always better to be protected. You can take the pot or pan from the fire in such gloves. And you will protect your hands and arms.


Indeed, for meal preparation, you’ll need a trusty knife. It has to be handy and versatile. For safety purposes, choose an item that comes with a cover. So you can pack it without any worries.

Also, students will need some kitchenware like plates and forks. Single-use plastic might be tempting, but it is unsustainable. Consider getting reusable and non-breakable containers that will serve you for a long time.

Besides these items, having a water container with you would be great. Students can use water for cooking and for putting the fire down. When it comes to bringing water with you, it is better to take more. You never know how much exactly you will need. And there is nothing more essential than water.


Nice-to-Have Gear

In this part, students can find other items that might be cool to have. But they are not essential, so if you are on a budget and want to travel light, just remember about it. 

These might be great for more experienced campers or those who want to upgrade.


Students can buy stainless steel skewers to prepare vegetables or meat. They work ideally for kebabs and chicken. Also, they help grill some veggies. They are durable and easy to take with you.

Dutch Oven

It is a wonderful gear to prepare a variety of meals. If you learn how to operate it right, you’ll be the best chef on the site. It can handle anything, from rolls to nachos and so much more.

But to use it correctly, students will need a cooking tripod and a lid lifter.

S’mores Sticks

These are not a necessity. But they are fun to have. Those who cannot imagine a campfire without marshmallows should try these. They are stainless steel and expandable. So you can safely have dessert while you hang out with your friends.

Cooler for Beverages

It is another good item to have, yet not crucial. A cooler with ice will keep your drinks at a pleasant temperature. It could be perfect for hot summers. At the same time, taking it on a longer trip might not be worth it.

If you do not have a supply of ice, it will turn into a bulky item you must carry around.

Pie Iron

Do you want to prepare pie pockets while outdoors? Then you need a pie iron. It is a fun tool anyone can easily operate. Students can use it for pizza hot pockets as well.

It is just fun for those who want something extra on their adventure. Or those who cannot live without pie pockets.

Coffee Maker

Those who cannot live without a good cup of coffee might take this item with them. Of course, you can boil water with a pot and make coffee more simply. But if you feel fancy, you can take a French, Aeropress, or pneumatic press.

For bigger groups, it is better to take a percolator with you. It allows making lots of coffee so everyone can enjoy their morning beverage simultaneously.

In Summary

Openfire cooking offers an exciting culinary experience and the nostalgic ambiance of cooking outdoors. With minimal equipment, students can whip up scrumptious dishes in no time. But before heading out for this adventure, it’s vital to be organized. Planning meals and packing the essentials are paramount. And for those academic obligations, considering options like “pay for research paper services might be worthwhile.

This way, students can ensure their assignments are in good hands while they take a break to reconnect with nature and enjoy the joys of Openfire cuisine.


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