Dog Parks in Reading

FOR THE FUR BUDDIES: 3 Delightful Dog Parks in Reading UK

Reading in the United Kingdom is a lovely place to travel with your family. It’s a city filled with glee and color, surely you will admire its beauty.

Many people travel to Reading to witness its spectacle only seen from afar through photos and videos uploaded online, but what a great thing it would be if you will be able to go there yourself. What’s more, you can bring your whole family and the furry buddies in your family too!

Yes, you’ve read that right. If you are going to Reading, you can bring your doggies as well. There are pet-friendly places in Reading, but what’s amazing and surprising too is that there are parks especially for these furry babes! It would be really fun not just for you as a dog parent but of course, for your dog! 

Check out these 4 dog parks, so you know where to head next after your human strolling. It’s time for the good boy’s fun!


Source – Facebook – Pet Cuddles Dog Park Reading

The usual problem of dog owners like you when bringing their dogs to travel is letting them run free while they stroll. It’s not easy to take them with you especially when they get hyper. Most spaces also don’t allow dogs to enter or playfully move around. Well, Pet Cuddles Dog Park in Bennett’s Hill, Reading breaks all those barriers for your lovely pet!

Pet Cuddles Dog Park is a private hire facility where you can walk your dog safely and securely. The whole park is surely an environment out of harm’s way. You will fear that your dog will run away and won’t come back. The whole park is well-kept and guarded. 

When your dog is the shy-type, especially when you don’t usually take them out of your house, they might be hesitant to interact with people and with other dogs. Here in Pet Cuddles Dog Park, your dog can have all the chances to meet and play with other humans and dogs like it. They can run, play, jump, explore all they want.

As the dog mom or dad, you can relax and be at ease because everything’s well-managed, and the place is just perfect to combat all your worries about your dog’s naughtiness! K9 first aiders are on site too, so you can rest assured that you and your dog will be free from danger and will be assisted. The staff is friendly, and what’s good is that they always supervise and guide pet owners and enjoy the dogs. They remember names, so it’s like meeting new family members too!

Your dog can have its individual training. The vast space of Pet Cuddles Dog Park is no joke! It’s so big, so green and so clean! Plus there are toilet facilities for humans of course! All facilities are safe to use. You just have to ask for assistance if you need to. 

Especially if you’re staying in a nearby accommodation in Reading, don’t hesitate to pop in for a visit to Pet Cuddles Dog Park. You will warmly be welcomed with happy smiles and a hot cup of coffee or tea. A friendly atmosphere is the best place for your pet dog to start making new friends.

2. K9 PLEASURE PARK in Reading

Source – K9 Pleasure Park

Can’t take your dog off its lead? Well, in K9 Pleasure Park in Kingsbridge Farm, Lamb’s Ln, you certainly can! It might be difficult to travel through the flight with a big dog, so this one’s more favorable for locals and for those who can actually bring their big dogs out of their country. 

K9 Pleasure Park is a private place where you can take furry canine friends and walk with them. The park caters to all types of reactive dogs, so if yours is one of them, this would be a very good selection for you. Situated in a magnificent landscape but no worries because its accessibility has gotten you no hassle! 

It is indeed a refreshing place for dogs where they can run free while pet owners got no worry that they might run far off. The place is secure, so you can be confident of your safety inside it.

When your dog is reactive, it’s absolutely hard to take it somewhere where other people or dogs are around. It’s hard to take the lead off it. However, this dog park is designed exactly for the reason of giving dogs a place where it’s only themselves and their owners in one space while the other dog-and-parent pairs are in other areas. 

There are neat seating areas, paddling pools, poo bags and bins for the doggies’ needs. Also, a rejuvenating wooded spot can be found there; it’s advantageous especially on a warm, sunny day! 

You can ease off and be calm for the security in K9 Pleasure Park is certain and peerless. 


Source – Facebook – The Husky Bus

Completely enclosed and ideal for your dog, whatever the size is, Hounds & Bounds Secure Dog Field lives by its name. It is fully secured with a 6-foot fence for big dogs and a smaller mesh fence for smaller fur babies. The gates have a code entry and exit system, so you don’t need to bother about your dog. 

You can take your dog off the lead, so he can freely enjoy the extensive play area. It’s fun to see your dog run happily, especially if it’s the type that doesn’t interact a lot with visitors when you’re just at home.

Bringing your dog to a friendly field like this one enhances its confidence and socialization skills too, so it would really be a great help if you do so. Facilities are functional and orderly. Dog water and bowls for your dog plus balls and other toys they can be entertained with. There is agility equipment which your fur buddy will love and of course, the pool!

Arrive there, go make or grab a delicious cup of coffee for yourself. Hounds & Bounds Secure Dog Field in Sulhamstead, Reading is worth the travel. You might book the second time already after trying it for the first time!


Let your fur buddies enjoy your trip with you. Let them have fun in Reading not just in places for humans, but especially in these awesome dog parks and fields created for them and their wagging tails! 

Reading is for sure one kind and loving city, not only because of how its city welcomes humans but also because of how it cares for and highly values animals such as pet dogs. Travel worthwhile with your loved ones, and find these comely dog sites for your fur buddies!


Nicole Ann Pore is a daytime writer for PREMIER SUITES Reading, a luxury hotel substitute offering guests the comfort of their own homes through splendid suites and lovely penthouse apartments. She graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.


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