Trending Haircuts and Hairstyles in 2022

Trending Haircuts and Hairstyles in 2022

We’re in the middle of the 2020s, and there are still so many exciting new hairstyles to explore. We’ve seen some of these trends pop up over the past few years, but 2022 is the year when they’ll be at their peak. If you’ve been looking for something new for your locks, here’s a rundown of some of our favorite cuts and colors that we’re seeing right now.

1. Luna


This long bob is a great look for many different hair types, and it can be styled in a variety of ways. It’s also very easy to maintain-just wash and goes! If you’ve got fine hair, we recommend going for some layered haircuts with a deep side part that will add weight to your locks. A medium-length straight style with blunt bangs works well if you’re looking for more volume at the crown area or prolonged length down the sides. For thick tresses, try out an asymmetrical fringe paired with an undercut; this style will make you look edgy while staying chic.

2. Winter A-Line Bob

Winter A-Line Bob

The A-line bob is a long bob that has a shape that’s similar to an inverted triangle. The hairline starts at the cheek, and it gradually gets longer as it goes down toward your neck. It can be styled in various ways: straightened or curled, with bangs or not.

The best part about these hair trends is how versatile it is! You can wear your hair up or down, add accessories to show off the new length of your locks, and create different styles depending on what you’re doing for the day. The hair professionals take their time to make sure that every cut is tailored specifically to each client’s needs, so you get exactly what you want out of your visit.

3. Shag Haircuts

Shag Haircuts

You’ve probably seen this look on the red carpet, and it’s no surprise why: it’s a short-haired girl’s dream. The shag haircut is a layered style with plenty of texture, which is achieved through scissors or a razor. Because of its versatility and ability to work with any face shape, this cut is great for anyone who wants something low maintenance yet still fun enough for special occasions!

4. Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs

Curtain bangs are a classic look that is still popular today. The bangs are cut straight across the forehead, but they are not blunt. They can be layered with the rest of the hair or left long and straight. The style is especially flattering on rounder faces because it creates a narrow appearance to balance out those wide cheeks.

5. Blended Layers with Highlights

blended hair

These versatile haircuts work for both short and long hair. The cut creates the illusion of longer hair in the front of the face while maintaining a very short length at the back. Blended layers are created by cutting long pieces and using shears to blend them into shorter sections. This provides movement to your hair and gives it dimension as well as makes it look thicker. At Salons, they only use the highest quality hair color products, which are the same brands used by top stylists around the world!

6. Bright Copper Hair Color

Bright Copper Hair Color

Bright copper hair color is a warm, rich, reddish brown color. It is a shade of red hair color that has a hint of orange in it. It is the perfect shade of red for people with fair skin tones and blue eyes. Copper works well on brunettes because it brings out the natural highlights in their hair without being too overpowering or dulling their base color.

It’s not just about the right shade of red-it’s also important to consider your skin tone when selecting an appropriate copper hue: if you have pale or fair skin, then going bright will really make you stand out from the crowd! If this sounds like something that might appeal to you then read on. However, if you are unsure about your skin tone, a professional hairstylist will help you choose the perfect color for you,

So, there you have it, the most popular hair trends in 2022. We hope that you’re able to use this information to make an informed decision about your haircuts! We know that your hair is an expression of you-your style, your personality, and even your mood! Here is a blog where you know everything to make sure you leave looking exactly how you imagined when you walked in.


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