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How To Try Out Multiple Perfumes At The Same Time?

The decision of buying a new perfume is always filled with confusion and excitement. When you leave the usual perfume that you have been using for several months or probably years, your heart is full of confusion whether you will find something as fabulous as this one. there are over hundreds and thousands of options available in the perfume store with every perfume better than the other.

Perfume users who are not aware of the right way to try and test the perfumes can be so overwhelmed with this process that they end up buying the old regular fragrance which they have been enjoying for quite so long. To help you in your search of the ideal perfume, here are some exciting tips that will contribute to finding the perfect fragrance for your senses.

Never Spray In The Air:

You are standing in a perfume store surrounded by so many perfumes with its essence spread all around you. You can already take a whiff of the mixed fragrance from all the perfumes and of the scents that people tried before you. If you will spray the tester in the air and take a whiff, it will never reveal the true scent of the perfume but the ones mixed with other perfumes. So try not to do it unless you want to be very confused about the fragrance.

Spray On The Tester Sheets:

The best way to smell perfume is to spray it on a blotting paper or tester sheets that are often provided in the store. You can spray a little on these sheets, let them air dry and take a whiff. This will help you to know which scent is better. Never sniff instantly after spraying on the perfume on the paper as all you will get is alcohol and weird scent. Give some time to the perfume to settle on the paper. If you are trying to buy perfumes from online perfume stores, you can place an order for sample tester shots such as Scent Shot.

Start From Gentle:

Never ever start your perfume testing with a strong perfume. This will not only confuse your senses but will also affect your judgment. Start your perfume testing with a gentle perfume moving towards the strong ones. You can make it easy by doing a little research about the kind of perfume you want or perfume family that you wish to explore. If you are clueless, give one day to every perfume family before making the decision.

Give Your Senses A Break:

Instead of sniffing one perfume after the another, try to give a little break to your senses in between. This will help you in understanding and identifying each and every perfume in a better way. Instead of sniffing coffee beans to dilute the scent, you can sniff on the inner part of your arm. Your own natural scent will help in diluting the effect of scent in your nasal passage rather than coffee beans.

If you are not comfortable trying out all the perfumes in the store, ask for samples. Almost all the perfume stores keep them in the store for the buyers. You can take desired ones before making your mind on the right perfume for your senses. In case you are buying perfumes online, place an order for Perfume Samples Online India on the perfume stores. Packs like Scent Shot offer 7 international perfumes in one pack so that you can try them and place an order for the ones you like. Following these simple tips, you can make your perfume shopping much easier and blissful.


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