Zulekha Haywood

From Rags to Riches – Zulekha Haywood Journey

In addition to being a business analyst and magazine editor, Zulekha Haywood is also the ex-wife of former supermodel Iman Abdulmajid and the NBA Champion with the Los Angeles Lakers, Spencer Haywood. The general public frequently makes reference to Zulekha’s devotion to her well-known parents.

And despite being the offspring of well-known celebrities, Zulekha has never drawn media attention. She has largely submerged herself in business. Despite this, she had previously had a pretty difficult real-life regimen because she had struggled with her weight, particularly while her parents were always in the media.

Additionally, her weight loss path involved a lot more than simply diets and body image problems. Her openness about her weight concerns has now inspired many others in a little way. Her story consequently features victories brought about by good parenting and occasionally, as well, by accepting oneself. Continue reading about her to learn more about how her life as a famous child actually was, how she conquered her eating disorder, her marriage, and her children, among other things.

The Siblings of Zulekha Haywood

They are Zulekha’s siblings. Their names are Alexandria Zahra Jones and Duncan Jones. And Isis, Shaakira, and Courtney Haywood. Zulekha is now 44 years old.

Although Zulekha is the sole child of Spencer and Iman, the New Yorker has a number of siblings thanks to the connections between her parents.

In addition to Iman, Zulekha Haywood has three other sisters. They are from her father’s earlier marriage: Nikiah, Isis, and Shaakira Haywood. Iman, the mother of the Wichita native, is also the mother to two other pairs of kids. Duncan Jones and Alexandria Zahra-Jones are Zulekha’s maternal half-brothers.

Haywood Family During Their Ten Years of Marriage, Iman and Spencer

The ex-power forward was 6’8″. The ex-Vogue model and he were the renowned parents of Zulekha. They were married from the late 1970s to the late 1980s.

Iman and Spencer were wed in 1977, and they stayed so until 1987. Spencer was a member of the LA Lakers at the time he met Iman. Iman, on the other hand, was also a highly sought-after model.


When they were married, Zulekha Haywood was their lone kid. Spencer and Iman engaged in a protracted custody dispute following their divorce, which lasted for more than six years.

But the actress/entrepreneur won the contest between the two. After divorcing Zulekha’s father, Iman later wed David Bowie, a British singer, and actor who sang the song “Magic Dance.” She remained his wife up until his passing in January 2016.

Who is the Husband of Zulekha Haywood?

Jason Young

Zulekha, who is an NBA champion’s daughter, has never publicly acknowledged her weight loss despite being a famous parent. However, not much of her private life has been highlighted.

But Zulekha is married to her long-term boyfriend, Jason Young. He is likely a restaurant owner, according to Facebook. This fact is pretty much in the open. The business analyst, who was born in 1978, and Young reportedly wed in November 2016.

Haywood and her husband have a daughter, Lavinia Rose Young, who was born in July 2017. Zulekha and Young wed in late 2016 and had a daughter as well.

Haywood, Zulekha Along with her Husband, has a Daughter

Both pieces of information reportedly came from Zulekha’s spouse Young’s Instagram posts. Iman and Spencer, both of Haywood’s parents, also revealed the information on their respective Instagram accounts.

In the past, Zulekha was also romantically involved with a man by the name of Eric. He still hangs out with the supermodel’s daughter, it seems.

Zulekha Has Served As A Senior Employee For Several Companies

Zulekha Haywood is not a professional athlete or a supermodel, in contrast to her parents. She started out as a power forward but gave up since she felt she wasn’t naturally good at it.

The native of New York currently works more as a business analyst. Zulekha has held largely executive positions over the years at a number of international firms located in several states.

Iman, The Creator of Iman Cosmetics, and Zulekha with their Mothers in January 2011.

She started out by working for Iman Cosmetics, the company her mother founded. Zulekha’s first post in New York was as an Executive Assistant Office Manager. She got the job in 2002.

Haywood finally became Account Manager in 2005. She managed all important accounts for her mother’s business. After becoming the planning and procurement manager at Iman Cosmetics in 2007, Zulekha made many more connections with famous people. As a result, the model’s daughter has Somali ancestors. She formed partnerships with many other big corporations. These include Wal-Mart, Target, CVS, HSN, and Walgreens.

In that year, Zulekha left her mother’s business. Jay Manuel Beauty hired her as a project manager and brand analyst.

The gold medalist’s daughter stayed there for two years. Then, she she moved on to Portu Sunberg. There, she worked as an inventory analyst. In such a capacity, Zulekha managed the creation of numerous client initiatives. Zulekha has experience in both corporate and freelance writing and editing. She has worked for publications and the advertising divisions of various businesses.

The Real Story Of Her Obesity Battle, She Were Over 330 Pounds

Zulekha Haywood has been on a diet since she was eight years old she is an overweight child. Nevertheless, according to the Mercy High School alum, none of them had jobs.

Zulekha attributes her former practice of plundering the refrigerator and cabinets after midnight to her excess weight. She was virtually never safe from eating too much. Her mother, Iman, oversaw her initial attempt to lose weight with the Basta diet (meaning enough in Italian).

The second diet plan the now-resident of Wichita followed was “Eat Like a Pig, Run Like a Horse,” which she followed under the guidance of her NBA legend father. It required her to consume the amount of food she weighed and then burn it off by working harder on the court for longer periods of time.

The 1980 Olympian attempted to do this by developing his daughter Zulekha into a power forward. She turned out to not be a natural at it, though.

Later, Zulkeha took up tennis, which did assist her in losing 30 pounds, but she gained it all back by Christmas that same year, in addition to an additional 20 pounds. The daughter of a famous beauty expert claims she lacked the discipline required to follow her father’s diet.


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