Stephanie Soo fiance

Stephanie Soo’s Unknown Husband’s Identity

Famous YouTuber and Mukbang, Stephanie Soo is off the market. For those who want to know who the lucky guy is, Stephanie Soo fiance is now her husband. Stephanie was engaged to her boyfriend and got married recently. Read to find out how they met and their relationship.

Marriage Announcement

Stephanie announced her marriage with a video on her YouTube channel made up of thousands of followers. She specifically mentioned her marriage so that fans will clearly understand what she meant. Everybody speculated that Stephanie Soo fiance has become her husband, and they were right. The video she shared included clips of their ceremony and congratulatory texts from their loved ones. Besides these people, Stephanie’s social media followers also congratulated her and her new husband.

People’s Reaction to the Wedding

Stephanie’s fans were grateful to her for letting them view her wedding ceremony via her video posts on YouTube. Lots of her followers were awed by the beauty of the events and the number of well-wishers present. To support Stephanie, her fans reposted and shared the videos and wished the couple well.

Who is Stephanie Soo?

Stephanie is a 27-year-old, popular YouTube celebrity on the internet. She’s a Korean-American who shot to fame in 2017 because of a video she uploaded online. Since then, she has been consistent in posting videos on her channel. If you visit her YouTube channel, you’ll find ASMR, lifestyle, and vlog content.

YouTube Channels

Stephanie created another YouTube channel in 2018, and it has more than three million subscribers. The new channel also has videos of various Mukbang content. To remain relevant on YouTube, Stephanie has been posting videos without fail for her followers to enjoy. But there is one thing that Stephanie is noted for, her ability to keep her personal life off the internet. This is why little is known about her new husband.


In 2019, Stephanie’s then-boyfriend proposed to her and became her fiance. Stephanie revealed her engagement on her platform. That was not the first time Stephanie talked about her love life. However, she always kept any private information hidden. One time, she even uploaded a funny video where she said that her fiance spoke Chinese to her for long hours.

Stephanie’s Husband

Although he has been featured alongside Stephanie in some videos, he is a private figure. Nobody has seen his face or knows his identity other than his nickname, which is similar to Stephanie’s alias. Stephanie was the one that gave him that name, and her followers have used that to call him ever since. In addition, Stephanie never failed to protect his identity, especially his face, whenever she uploads his videos or photos. To this day, nobody has any idea what he looks like.

How Did Stephanie Meet Her Husband?

According to one source, Stephanie just got out of a relationship when she saw Rui’s Instagram posts. She liked five of his posts, something which Rui took notice of. While another alleged that a mutual Facebook friend introduced them. These two different sources made others conclude that Stephanie and her husband met on social media. But it doesn’t change the fact that the social media meeting changed their lives.

What does Stephanie Soo’s fiance do?

Rui Qian, Stephanie Soo’s fiancé, is employed by Harry Winston as a watch expert and sales professional. Before becoming engaged in 2020, he had been secretly dating Stephanie since 2015. It’s interesting that he goes by “MisterMangoButt” online and frequently shows up in her content donning a giant panda mask, which lends their relationship a mysterious quality.

Restaurant Date

The source claimed that they struck up a conversation and exchanged phone contacts on social media. Thereafter, they arranged to meet at a restaurant within the locality for a date. They aimed to get to know each other better and maybe start something new. Stephanie was just coming out of an old relationship so she wanted to be careful. Fortunately, they clicked, and the rest is history. Stephanie shared her love journey with her husband, and nothing else.

Why is Stephanie Hiding her husband’s Identity?

Some social media users have speculated that Stephanie has been hiding her husband as a publicity stunt. On the contrary, most of her followers just think that she is hiding him to protect his privacy. This has prompted the media and her fans to investigate the face behind the hidden pictures. One time, someone posted a supposed Instagram account of her husband. The account name went viral and Stephanie’s fans stormed the page to look for the owner. However, Stephanie didn’t say anything about the rumor.

Her Husband’s Rumored Name

An online news source investigated Stephanie Soo fiance to find out his background. They claimed that the man is called Rui Quan. Then they wrote that Stephanie’s husband was a former watch expert and sales executive at a big company. Additionally, they said there were snippets of his life as a model on the husband’s social media account. Aside from that, they were unable to unearth other useful details about him. Stephanie never responded to this claim, neither did she confirm nor deny it. Even on the internet, there are no tangible details concerning the man.

Stephanie’s Married Life with her Husband

The online news source that cited Stephanie’s husband’s name also revealed that the duo has bought a house in America. This house will be where both husband and wife will begin their married life.


Indeed, Stephanie is notorious for using a panda to cover her man’s face in every post he’s featured in. However, she has implored her fans and social media followers to respect her wish to keep her husband private. She hoped that any speculation about Stephanie Soo fiance who has turned to her husband, would be laid to rest.