TJ Holmes and Amy Robach

The Rise and Fall of TJ Holmes and Amy Robach

TJ Holmes and Amy Robach were once a dynamic duo on Good Morning America, but their on-air chemistry eventually led to a secret love affair and their ultimate downfall. The two journalists were fired from their positions at ABC and have since struggled to land new gigs, even being rejected by the popular TV show Dancing with the Stars. Let’s take a closer look at the rise and fall of these two former anchors.

The Rise of TJ Holmes and Amy Robach

Amy Robach joined Good Morning America in 2014, replacing news anchor Josh Elliott. Prior to joining GMA, she worked at NBC News and hosted a number of shows on MSNBC. Her career in journalism began in 2003 when she started as a general assignment reporter for WTTG-TV in Washington, D.C. Robach quickly rose through the ranks and became a weekend anchor for the station.

TJ Holmes, on the other hand, had a longer tenure at CNN before joining GMA in 2014 as a news anchor. He started at CNN as a production assistant in 2000 and worked his way up to become a news anchor for the network. He left CNN in 2011 to join BET as a news anchor and later joined MSNBC in 2012.

The two journalists brought their extensive experience to GMA and quickly became fan favorites, known for their engaging banter and on-air chemistry.

The Secret Love Affair

In 2020, news broke that TJ Holmes and Amy Robach had been engaged in a secret love affair while working together at GMA. The two anchors were both married at the time, and their affair reportedly began in 2016.

The news of their affair came as a shock to many, especially given Robach’s personal experience with infidelity. In 2013, she underwent a double mastectomy after being diagnosed with breast cancer. Her husband at the time, Andrew Shue, was a source of support during her treatment and recovery.

Robach and Shue divorced in 2019, and Robach began dating Holmes shortly thereafter. The two anchors were eventually fired from their positions at ABC following an internal investigation into their affair.

The Struggle to Land New Gigs

Following their firing from GMA, TJ Holmes and Amy Robach have struggled to land new gigs in the competitive world of television journalism. The two journalists have reportedly pitched a number of new show ideas, but have been rejected by major networks including CBS and CNN.

Their latest rejection came from the popular TV show Dancing with the Stars, which reportedly turned down the two anchors’ pitch to appear on the show.

Despite their struggles, Robach and Holmes remain confident that they will eventually find new opportunities in television journalism. In February, an insider shared with that the two “remain confident another network or cable channel will see the value in their undeniable chemistry.”

Pitching a Show Based on Their Relationship

tj holmes and amy robach

Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes, former co-hosts of “GMA3,” are still without a new job and are turning to their relationship to help land them their next gig. According to an insider, the couple is “aggressively pitching” a show of their own to the producers of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” Their plan is to stay relevant in the news by welcoming ongoing coverage of their relationship.

  • Selling Their On-Air Chemistry

Robach and Holmes are convinced that their chemistry would sell, as it did when they were co-hosts at ABC. However, the insider cautions that they sold a “brother/sister chemistry” back then, whereas now they are trying to sell their sexual chemistry. They need to be careful not to overdo their on-air chemistry, as it may come off as unprofessional and turn off their audience.

  • Looking to Follow in Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos’s Footsteps

The couple is looking to follow in the footsteps of Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos by pitching a show that highlights their chemistry. As they were both fired from ABC, they are aware that they need to get back to work eventually. Their hope is that their pitch will land them their next gig.

  • Preparing for a Symbolic Run

While waiting for their next gig, Robach and Holmes are preparing for a “symbolic run” at the United Airlines half marathon in New York City. They will be running in the first wave of runners, starting the race at 7 a.m. The couple ran the same race last year with Robach’s then-husband Andrew Shue, and it was around this time that things reportedly started to get romantic between them.

The Future of TJ Holmes and Amy Robach

Only time will tell what the future holds for TJ Holmes and Amy Robach. While the two anchors have faced a number of setbacks in their careers, they remain determined to continue working in television journalism.

Whether or not they are able to land new gigs, Robach and Holmes will always be remembered for their time on Good Morning America and the on-air chemistry that captivated audiences. While their secret love affair may have led to their downfall, it’s clear that the two journalists have left their mark on television journalism.


TJ Holmes and Amy Robach were once a dynamic duo on Good Morning America, known for their engaging banter and on-air chemistry. However, their secret love affair eventually led to their downfall and they were fired from their positions at ABC. Since then, the two journalists have struggled to find work.