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Exclusive Look: Tooturnttony’s Leaked Photos Revealed!

Get ready to be amazed because we have an exclusive look into the private life of one of the biggest social media influencers today – Tooturnttony.

With over 17 million followers on his platform, Anthony has taken the internet by storm with his hilarious comedy skits and lip-syncing videos.

But recently, some leaked photos of Tooturnttony have surfaced online, giving us a sneak peek into his personal life. Let’s dive in and uncover the mystery behind Tooturnttony leaked photos that have broken the internet.

Birth, Parents and Education

TooTurntTony, whose real name is Anthony Michael Dawson, was born on February 1, 1995, in Michigan, United States. He is the son of Dina Dawson and Gordon Scholey Dawson. Anthony pursued higher education at Western Michigan University, where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Film, Video, and Media Studies.

Known for his humorous and engaging content on social media platforms, particularly TikTok, TooTurntTony has garnered a significant following with his comedic skits that often feature his family and his pet ducks.

His unique blend of comedy and wildlife conservation advocacy has made him a well-recognized figure in the digital space.

Beginning of Career

TooTurntTony, whose real name is Anthony Michael Dawson, started getting famous by making fun videos with ducks on his farm. He wanted to tell people about protecting wetlands, and he did this by playing roles with his ducks in his videos. People really liked these because they were funny and different.

He got a lot of fans quickly on TikTok, a place where you can share short videos. Tony made people laugh with his family and ducks, and soon they became known as the “TooTurntFamily.” This made him even more popular.

Tony’s videos are like a friend talking to you; they’re easy to understand and make you feel good. That’s why so many people started following him. He also started making money from his videos and got to be known as one of the best at making this kind of content.

He didn’t just stop at making videos. Tony was talked about on TV and in newspapers, and he even started selling his own drink called “Too Turnt Tea,” which a lot of people wanted to buy.

Beyond being a hit on social media, Tony has also been highlighted in several news platforms such as Univision, Business Insider, and USA Today. This coverage has established him as a key player in the world of online entertainment.

All of this—his videos, his drink, and how he talks to people—made Tony really successful and well-known. He’s one of those people on social media who has made a big impact and has a lot of fans.


TooTurntTony is currently in a relationship with Briana Armbrust, who is also a social media influencer. They have been together for some time and are known for their presence on various social media platforms.

Social Media Presence

TooTurntTony, also known as Anthony Dawson, has made a significant impact on social media with his engaging and humorous content.


TooTurntTony, real name Anthony Dawson, has become a TikTok sensation with over 20.2 million followers and nearly a billion likes. His content, which often includes his family and ducks, has made him a standout creator on the platform1.



On YouTube, TooTurntTony has a robust channel with 5.18 million subscribers and a wide array of videos that showcase his entertaining lifestyle and adventures. His channel has accumulated billions of views, reflecting his popularity and the engaging nature of his content.


Anthony’s Instagram account is another platform where he enjoys significant popularity. With 2.5 million followers, he shares a mix of personal life snippets, behind-the-scenes content, and promotional posts, further expanding his reach and influence.


TooTurntTony also maintains an active Twitter presence, with over 97.3 k followers. He uses this platform to engage with his audience, share updates, and promote his content across other social media channels.


TooTurntTony has an OnlyFans account where he posts exclusive and explicit content for his paid followers. There were rumors of TooTurntTony leaked photos from his OnlyFans account that shocked the internet. On investigation, we found no truth to these rumors and advise you to follow caution when clicking on any such link.


He also has a presence on Snapchat having 382 K followers.

Net Worth

As of 2024, TooTurntTony, also known as Anthony Dawson, has an estimated net worth of around $1.5 million. This estimation accounts for his earnings from his social media presence, brand collaborations, and other business ventures.

Bottom Line

Despite the rumors of recent leak of TooTurntTony’s photos, his rise to social media stardom continues to captivate audiences worldwide. With a strong presence across multiple platforms and a unique blend of comedy and wildlife advocacy, TooTurntTony’s success and impact in the digital space are undeniable.


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