Jordan Max Aura

The Beautiful, Yet Reliable And Durable Jordan Max Aura shoes

Looking for a comfortable, stylish, luxurious, and one-of-a-kind shoe for playing basketball? Then the Jordan Max Aura has got you covered. This is the latest basketball shoe in the Jordan Max shoe collection. Although many people have said that it is quite similar to the previous Air Jordan 11, it has its own uniqueness. So why should you buy a pair of Jordan Max Aura shoes? Find out below.

Jordan Max Aura Market Reputation

Due to Jordan’s reputation in the market, several people rushed to buy Jordan Max Aura once it hit the market. Some people expected to be disappointed because when Jordan unveiled the sneakers, they resembled the Air Jordan 11. Still, it didn’t stop them from buying the newest addition to Jordan’s collection.

When they bought the shoes, they discovered that it was similar to Air Jordan 11, but it had more features. Those who bought the shoes said the Jordan Max Aura is perfect for them to play basketball with.

Basketballers’ Reviews

Basketballers were not left behind in praising Jordan Max Aura. They said that apart from being affordable, it suits their needs as a basketball player. Additionally, they stated that they can wear it even when they are not playing ball.

Why Do People Like Jordan Max Aura?

1.They choose Jordan Max Aura when they want shoes that are fit for all the intense games they play on the court.

2. Basketball players like Jordan Max Aura because it has good grip and traction for their feet whenever they play basketball.

3. They can use their shoes to play basketball and other high-intensity sports.

Overall Product Overview


The great cushioning feature present in the Max Aura shoes means it can boast of comfortability. Similarly, there is extra padding to protect players when they play on any court surface.

Accurate Size

When it comes to fitting, Jordan Max Aura did well. Buyers had no complaints whatsoever when it came to fitting. They advised those who wish to purchase them to buy their normal sizes. However, many experts agreed that it would be better to go to a physical shop and try out the shoes before buying. This will let you know which size fits you perfectly. It also helps you get an accurate size if you wish to order next time.


The rubber outsoles of Max Aura shoes have herringbones, which gives the shoes their traction and grip abilities. This means when you wear them, you can stop at any time and the shoes will not slide off your feet. Shoes with these features are always a hit, especially among sportsmen and women.


As stated above, it has good traction, which means its grip is good due to its excellent lockdown mechanism. In simpler terms, the lockdown mechanism is just the lacing system used in tying the shoes. They are made of elastic bands that stretch across foot sizes. It is rare to find shoes that have good lacing mechanisms at this price.


The Max Aura shoes are made in such a way that they cushion your feet when you wear them. This makes them ideal for jumping and running. In addition, their heels have Air Max units for cushioning the soles of the feet. Therefore, they are perfect for sportsmen, especially basketball players.

For example, when they run across the court, the shoes respond to their foot movement and protect them from various impacts. To check where the units are, look for them at the back of the shoe’s midsoles. You’ll find a transparent cover that shows the units.

Cheaper Price

Jordan offers an affordable price for its Max Aura model to customers interested in buying one. Since it is aesthetically a mixture of Air Jordan 11 and 10, buyers thought Max Aura would be expensive. Hence, lots of buyers appreciated the cheaper price when compared to previous versions made by Jordan.

The Shoes Are Light

The shoes are made of lightweight patent leather, making the shoes light on the feet. This also makes it comfortable for the person wearing them. The light weight also contributes to the impact protection the shoes offer to protect the heels.


The shoes have rubber outsoles and foam midsoles. Furthermore, at the heel of the outsoles, there are Air Units loaded at the bottoms of the shoes. As a result, you can wear the shoes in any weather conditions and nothing will happen to them.

Advantages Of Owning A Pair Of Jordan Max Aura


The shoes are neat


They are cheaper than other brand of shoes


It is very comfortable to wear a pair of Jordan Max Aura It is not too loose nor too tight


Protects your ankle


it is not heavyweight


Provides warmth in cold seasons, especially winter


Has good paddings


Doesn’t wear and tear easily.


1. Limited breathing space for your feet

2. Its design and look is like Air Jordan 11


Finally, if you are an athlete, or love to play sports, buy the Jordan Max Aura shoes. Purchasing them is a sort of investment because they will last long, and you can wear them anytime. This will save you the cost of buying shoes for other purposes in the long run. So, don’t hesitate to walk into a nearby store and choose the perfect Max Aura shoes for yourself.


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