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The Humble Rise Of Numilk, A Vegan And Nutritious Milk

What better way to drink fresh, plant-based, and flavourful milk than to drink the nutritious Numilk? It has a press machine to help you make a delicious Numilk at your convenience. This also saves you time because it is easy to press the machine to make the milk.

That is, you serve yourself at your own convenience. The milk is made by the NuMilk company, which has partnered with many brands in the United States. However, ever since its partnership with Shark Tank, the question on many people’s lips is, “What is Numilk worth now?”

What Is Numilk?

It is an alternative to already packaged milk you buy from the stores around you. Its method of processing is the use of pouches filled with flavors and machines that look like kiosks to process the milk. The milk is then put inside a glass or bottle. This method of processing milk is fast.

Moreover, it will all happen in your presence without any hidden process. Just press the start button, and the machine will process plant-based, nutritious, natural, and fresh milk for you. So if Numilk has all these good characteristics, why are people asking questions like “What is Numilk worth now?” The answer to this question would be shown below.

How Long Does The Processed Milk Last?

If you store the milk in your refrigerator, it can last up to a week. But if you don’t store it properly, it might not last up to that and might even spoil.

How Does Numilk Stand Out From The Competitors?

There were several vegan-processed milk already in numerous stores nationwide. Therefore, Numilk’s founders had to find ways to stand out from the hundreds of vegan milk brands out there. Fortunately, their competitors’ milk is full of fillers, gums, and artificial ingredients. As a result, Numilk just had to produce the opposite by using natural, whole foods, and simple ingredients.

Some Of The Ingredients You Can Find Inside Numilk

Organic ingredients like vanilla bean, cacao, maple, and almonds. The almonds are used to produce the almond milk. While the rest are used to make the chocolate milk free of dairy.

Whose Idea Was It To Launch Numilk?

In 2018, three innovators were able to see their long-awaited dreams become a reality. Their dream was to have kiosk-like equipment to produce natural and healthy milk for people.

First Collaboration With A New Jersey Store

In 2018, a store gave them a chance to develop and install their milk-producing press machine in their store. It also helped to increase NuMilk worth in the market and made the founders’ dream come through. The store is a grocery store based in New Jersey. This was a chance for the trio to make their mark in the plant-based market.

This is because the market has started thriving at that time. In fact, the market value was speculated to exceed 16 billion dollars at the end of 2017. Currently, experts speculate that it will be worth more than 123 billion dollars in the next seven years. So, it was understandable for the three Numilk founders to seize the chance to enter the vegan market.

Partnership With Shark Tank

After partnering with the store, Numilk required capital to make a countertop press machine that can be used at home. This is where their union with the Shark Tank franchise comes in. It was a show that was aired on American television and has 12 seasons as of 2021.

Additionally, the show had five judges that judge contestants on the show. Numilk appeared during the 18th episode of season 12. Numilk offered five percent of shares for one million dollars to the judges. This piqued their interest, and they asked to taste the milk.

Reactions After Tasting The Milk

One of the judges first tasted the milk, and she was surprised. According to her, it was different from the vegan milk drinks they normally see at the stores. Other judges followed suit and acknowledged the first judge’s words.

However, although the judges were impressed with the drink, they were concerned about something else, the press machine. They requested a more detailed analysis of the equipment that produces the refillable Numilk bottles. Upon hearing the Numilk founders’ explanation, they declined to invest at first.

Reasons Why The Judges First Refused To Invest

The first judge to refuse cited an issue with the feasibility of Numilk’s business model. He said that it is costly to build and maintain the kiosk-like equipment for making Numilk. Consequently, this will quickly drain Numilk’s profits along the line. He gave an example of the loss incurred by Numilk founders due to the high cost of R&D.

It led the founders to lose seven million dollars out of their 12 million dollar capital. Numilk founders were not fazed by the rejections they got and tried to change the judges’ minds. They showed the judge the design sample of the machine and the advantages it has over other machines. Still, the three judges refused. But something happened later to change their minds.

What Happened Later?

There was an increasing demand for high-quality, kiosk-like milk-producing machines in the US. Shark Tank judges saw this and gradually changed their minds. They probably thought that Numilk would become a force to reckon with in the near future, and they were right. Hence, each of them invested a certain amount of money to get shares of the company. The combined investment helped out Numilk with funding.


The Numilk situation is a lesson in perseverance, dedication, and patience. They had numerous innovative ideas but faced many difficulties, one of which included a lack of capital. They reached out to people and investors to source capital. Even though they faced rejection, they didn’t give up. Today, Numilk has businesses in over a hundred stores in America. In addition, they have partnered with hundreds of stores all over the country. This has helped increase Numilk worth in recent years.


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