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Get Your Waist And Hips Back In Shape With These Corsets

Women and fashion are inseparable all over the world. For them, fashion comes in various forms, shapes, and sizes. Wearing clothes and shoes, carrying bags, using jewelry, and putting on makeup are all part of fashion to them. Another fashion item that serves some specific purposes is a corset. In the olden days, corsets were a must-have and used fashion items and later faded as the 20th century drew near. Now in the 21st century, corsets have come back into existence and become a trendy clothing item. There are various types of corsets available for women. This article will discuss them below.

What Are Corsets?

Corsets are mostly women’s undergarments that help them minimize the size of their hips and waist. Women also wear them to uplift their breasts and give them an hourglass silhouette.

Why do Women Wear Corsets?

Corsets are mostly worn for various reasons. Some of them include boosting one’s confidence and accentuating the shapes of the body. In addition, women usually wear corsets under their clothes to help improve their postures.

Categories Of Corsets

There are various corsets made for different people. Trying to shop for corsets can get frustrating due to the availability of various styles to pick from. If you desire to own some corsets or to know the best fit for you, this article does justice. This article will only elaborate on corsets according to their length. This is because it is an important factor in selecting a corset.

Below are the different varieties of corsets based on their length.

Categories Of Corsets According To Their Length

A corset’s style determines the corset’s length, which depends on where its top begins and its hem stops. These types of corsets include:


Midbust corsets begin from the centre of your bust and end just below the hips. After wearing it, you get a good and long physique. The only downside to wearing it is the uncomfortable feeling you get when you sit down. However, the boning of the corset ends slightly above the entire corset’s length. It also doesn’t push up the breasts. But the advantage is that it can support your bust.


These are corsets with length that begin below the arms and stop above the hips. They are designed as back support. They are also made to minimize the size of the waist and uplift the chest. Those who wear over busts wear them beneath their clothes, with skinny pants, or just like that. Others wear them over their garments.


  • Lingerie: This is a sexy, and see-through style. Corsets in this category have either removable or inbuilt garters and G-strings. Lingerie corsets can also be lacy or silky in texture.
  • Cupped: They have inbuilt pads and are ideally made for women with big breasts. This is because it firmly cups the breasts better than other types of corsets.


Corselettes cover the whole breasts and reach the wearer’s hips. The purpose is to uplift the breasts, minimize the size of the waist, and give shape to the hips.


Underbust corsets are worn in two ways, and they begin exactly underneath the wearer’s breasts. The first method is wearing as an undergarment to reduce the size of your waistline or support your back. The second method of wearing it is as an overgarment to make a fashion statement. Any method you pick is fine, so far you put on your bra underneath your clothes. Corsets aren’t there for breast support, so always remember this. For first-timers, buy underbust corsets equipped with garters. Or purchase those with wider straps for people with wider shoulders.

Examples of underbust corsets

  • Longlines: They’re the types of corsets that have lengths that extend to both hips. They’re ideal for those with long lower body parts.
  • Bodices: Corsets of this type cover your shoulder and back and stop at your waist.


As the name implies, cincher corsets cinch your waist to reduce its size because it is mainly produced for this purpose. They are very short and sometimes look like a belt, hence why some women use them as one. The length of a cincher includes a short side, and a longer back, front, and centre. The corset encompasses the whole waist. This is perfect for women who want to reduce their postpartum waist size.


Waspies have more lengths than cinchers and short lengths than underbusts. The corsets have elastic and lace materials at the back. The elastic makes it easy for stretching to fit the wearer’s physique. When you put it on, it extends from below the ribs to rest at the top of the hips. Waspies are used as waist trainers to get the waist back in shape. You can wear them on top of your clothes, paired with pants, or as undergarments.


In summary, the various types of corsets listed above are designed for specific purposes. Some are simply for fashion, while others are to help women stay in shape. Additionally, they are also designed for different body types and sizes. So if you’re buying a corset, buy according to your body shape and what you want to use it for. Never buy a corset that is too tight and doesn’t allow you to breathe because it is detrimental to your health. Remember, choose comfort and your health over fashion.


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