Lena The Plug's Liaison With Jason Luv

Lena The Plug’s Liaison With Jason Luv

American adult film actress and model, Lena Nersesian, is also called Lena The Plug. She came into the limelight for the outrageous movies she and her partner, Adam22, make. So, who is Lena The Plug, and why is her lifestyle different? These questions are answered below.

Lena’s profession

Lena works as a social media influencer. Her videos consist of question-and-answer sessions, challenges, pranks, and fitness tips. However, she didn’t become popular because of this. What she is known for is acting in the adult film industry. She uses Lena The Plug as her alias for making porn. Lena got the name when she was working with Arsenic, a social media start-up firm. Additionally, she also created two podcasts where she talks about sensitive topics.


The 32-year-old actress was born to a Christian family in June. Although she has Armenian heritage, she was born and bred in the US. Since her family were Christians, Lena The Plug brought up the Christian faith.

Educational background

Lena attended her primary, high school, and tertiary education in the United States. In 2013, she completed her bachelor’s degree in Psychology at a Californian University. Then she went to Sweden for one year to pursue her postgraduate studies in the same course.

Jobs she had done before she became popular

Lena didn’t have it easy before she became famous. She had worked several odd jobs. For example, she has worked as an Uber driver, professional nanny, grocery buyer, and cashier at different times. Interestingly, Lena had worked as an interventionist in early childhood education in California.

While she was at Arsenic, she got the opportunity to work as a social media influencer. This was where her career in the entertainment industry began. It was also there she got to work for Snapchat as a model. Hence, due to the nature of her modeling job, in 2016, she created a YouTube channel with her alias.

Social media influence

YouTube account

Lena’s YouTube channel has nearly 2 million subscribers. Most of her followers like her content, especially the crazy and fitness content she posts. Not only that, she collaborated with her husband to run another YouTube channel together. That channel has nearly 165,000 subscribers and began operation in 2019.

Instagram and Facebook accounts 

Lena has Facebook and Instagram accounts that have amassed almost one million followers each. She sometimes uploads photos of her husband, herself, and their daughter. But most of the time, some of her posts are outrageous, adult-only content. As a result, Facebook and Instagram administrators had to delete her accounts numerous times for violating their rules.

Twitter and OnlyFans accounts

Lena has a following of one million on her Twitter account. In addition, she registered for an OnlyFans account, got it, and grew her followers.

Foray into Adult Film

Even though Lena has started making a name for herself, acting in the Adult film industry shot her to fame. Her first appearance on her husband’s show garnered much attention, especially with her beautiful looks. They talked about Lena’s acting in porn alongside Jason Luv. Her bold actions in revealing some things she has done with her husband and other men were shocking. And it seems her husband, Adam, doesn’t mind his wife acting porn with other men while still married to him.

Lena’s physique

As an adult actress who has acted with Jason Luv, Lena is blessed with good looks. She weighs 60 kg and has an exotic face, beautiful hair, and eyes. She is also 1.55 meters tall.

Public acceptance

Some people have accepted Lena and her way of life, while others criticized her. Those who like her lifestyle are more than thousands, and they follow her on all her social media platforms. They applaud her fearlessness and outspokenness in defying societal norms.

Furthermore, her fans said they are attracted to her figure, beautiful face, and forms of expression. While some of them love the explicit, risky, and sometimes, provocative posts she uploads. But those who criticize her, dislike the way she and her husband betray their marriage vows. However, Lena and her husband don’t care.

Private life

Lena’s husband

Adam Grandmaison, a famous YouTuber, is the husband of Lena. The duo were dating before they got engaged in 2021, and got married later. The engagement occurred at Lena The Plug‘s birthday party, five years after they met. Adam22, as he’s always called, is a social media influencer, rider, and producer, and also hosts his own podcast. Just like his wife, he is also active on Instagram, YouTube, and other relevant platforms. He even has an OnlyFans account where he engages in explicit movies with his wife and other actors.

Lena’s children

In 2020, Lena and Addam22 announced that she was pregnant. She detailed everything, from the second month to the last month of her pregnancy, on YouTube. Her pregnancy announcement might have shocked her fans, but they sent her several congratulatory messages. In November, Lena and her husband welcomed their daughter, Parker, via caesarean section. Lena’s love for her daughter is evident, as she always shows her off in her posts.


In a nutshell, Lena The Plug is an advocate for self-expression and open-mindedness. She is quite outspoken and doesn’t shy away from controversial and intimate topics. Despite her rather controversial career and marriage, she continues to take pride in what she does. She never lets public opinion dictate her way of life.


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