Summer Nails Short

How to Rock Summer Nails Short and Sweet

Summer is the perfect season to show off your nails with bright colors, fun designs, and trendy shapes. There are various techniques to achieve short and sweet summer nails, whether you prefer a basic manicure or a more intricate nail art design. Consider these suggestions and concepts for inspiration during your next trip to the salon or when doing your own DIY nails.

Choose the Right Shape for Your Summer Nails Short

One of the first things to consider when choosing a summer nail design is the shape of your nails. Short nails can be styled in various shapes according to personal preference and style. Popular options for short nails include:


This classic and easy shape suits most nail types and lengths. Round nails are also very versatile and can match any color or design. If you want a low-maintenance and elegant look, rounded nails are a good choice.


This simple and chic shape works well for short nails. Square nails have a straightedge and a sharp corner, which can make your nails look longer and more defined. Square nails are ideal for bold colors and geometric patterns.


This trendy and edgy shape can add some drama to your short nails. Coffin nails have a tapered edge and a squared-off tip, which creates a coffin-like appearance. Coffin nails are perfect for experimenting with different textures, foils, jewels, and other nail art elements.

Pick the Right Color for Your Summer Nails Short

Another essential factor to consider when choosing a summer nail design is the color of your polish. Summer is the time to embrace bright, warm, and tropical shades that reflect the sunny weather and your mood. Some of the best colors for summer nail shorts are:

  • Yellow: This cheerful and sunny color can brighten up your day and your nails. Yellow is versatile and can be paired with other colors or patterns. You can go for a solid yellow manicure or add flowers, stripes, dots, or designs to make it more fun.
  • Coral: This is a beautiful and flattering color that can suit any skin tone and nail shape. Coral is also very summery and can remind you of the beach, the sunset, or the fruit. You can choose from different shades of coral, from light to dark, or mix and match them with other colors or designs.
  • Mint: This cool, excellent, refreshing color can make your short nails look chic and trendy. Mint is also very soothing and can calm your nerves and your eyes. You can opt for a simple mint manicure or spice it up with glitter, metallics, or other accents.

Try Some Fun Designs for Your Summer Nails Short

If you want to take your summer nails short to the next level, try some fun and creative designs to make your nails stand out. There are endless possibilities for nail art, but here are some of the most popular ones for summer:

  • Tropical: This is a perfect theme for summer, as it can transport you to a paradise island with palm trees, flowers, fruits, birds, and other exotic elements. You can use different colors and techniques to create tropical scenes on your nails, such as stamping, stickers, decals, or freehand painting.
  • Nautical: This theme can evoke the summer vibes of the sea, the sand, the sun, and the sailboats. You can use classic colors like blue, white, red, and gold to create nautical patterns on your nails, such as stripes, anchors, stars, ropes, or waves.
  • Tie-dye: This fun and colorful design can add some hippie flair to your summer nails. Tie-dye is also easy at home with some nail polish and water. You can use any colors you like to create tie-dye swirls on your nails or follow some tutorials online.

How to Take Care of Summer Nails Short

It is important to properly care for your nails during the summer months, as they are susceptible to becoming dry, brittle and prone to breakage due to the effects of heat and humidity. Here are some succinct tips for maintaining healthy summer nails:

Drink plenty of water: Keep your nails hydrated by drinking plenty of water and consuming hydrating foods such as cucumbers, watermelon, and strawberries. Additionally, applying a moisturizing hand cream or nail oil daily can help keep your nails and cuticles nourished.

Wear gloves: When engaging in household chores or gardening, it is advisable to wear gloves in order to protect your nails from harsh chemicals and dirt that can cause damage.

You can also wear gloves when swimming in a pool to prevent chlorine from drying out your nails.

Apply sunscreen on your hands and nails. Too much sun exposure can cause your nails to become discolored, dry, or cracked. Apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher and reapply every two hours.

Exfoliate the nails and cuticles: Use a gentle nail brush or scrub to remove dead skin cells and improve blood flow.

Groom your nails: Keep nails well-groomed by trimming them straight across and rounding the tips in a gentle curve. File in one direction to avoid splitting.

Take breaks from wearing nail polish: Don’t keep on wearing nail polish all the time to prevent weakening and breakage. Use a gentle, acetone-free remover when removing old polish.

Choose colors and designs carefully: When choosing colors and designs for summer nails, consider their impact on nail health as well. Summer is the time to embrace bright, warm, and tropical shades that reflect the sunny weather and your mood. You can also try some fun and creative designs, such as tropical, nautical, or tie-dye patterns.

Bottom Line

Summer is the perfect time to experiment with your nails and show your style. Whether you prefer a simple manicure or more elaborate nail art, choosing the proper shape, color, and design can add a touch of fun and flair to your summer look. Additionally, properly caring for your nails by keeping them hydrated, protecting them from harsh chemicals and sunlight, and maintaining good grooming habits can ensure that your summer nails short and sweet.


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