Tana Mongeau BF

Tana Mongeau BF – The Love Story of a Social Media Star

Are you wondering who has captured the heart of social media sensation Tana Mongeau? In this article, we’ll share the sweet details of her relationship with various people who have been part of her dating history and also tell you who Tanya Mongeau BF is in 2024.

From their public declarations of love to their shared moments that set the internet abuzz, this is a modern love story unfolding before our very eyes.

Who is Tana Mongeau?

Tana Mongeau, the internet’s wild child, was born on June 24, 1998, in the neon city of Las Vegas. She’s the daughter of Rick and Rebecca Mongeau.


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Growing up in Vegas, she had a bit of a rocky start with her family, but she’s been doing her own thing for a while now.

After graduating from Green Valley High School in 2015, she hit up community college for a bit before diving full-time into the YouTube game and blowing up the internet with her no-filter stories

Tana Mongeau BF – Dating History

Tana Mongeau’s dating history is quite colorful and has been a topic of interest for her fans. Here’s a brief overview:

  • Somer Hollingsworth (2015 – April 2017): Tana’s first public relationship was with Somer Hollingsworth. They dated for almost two years before parting ways.
  • Bella Thorne (2017): After her breakup with Somer, Tana was involved with actress Bella Thorne. Their relationship was quite public and they often shared their moments together on social media.
  • Brad Sousa (Late 2018 – Early 2019): Tana Mongeau BF from 2018-2019 was Brad Sousa, a Canadian who bears a resemblance to Justin Bieber. Their relationship began in late 2018 but didn’t last long.
  • Jake Paul (April 2019 – January 2020): One of her most well-known relationships was with fellow YouTuber Jake Paul.

They began dating in April 2019 and Jake proposed to Tana on her 21st birthday in July of that same year.

Although they had a significant celebration in Las Vegas, they did not officially get married. The couple went public with their separation in January 2020.

  • Chris Miles (2021): In 2021, Tana was linked with rapper Chris Miles. Their relationship caught the attention of fans, but like her previous relationships, it was also part of her journey.

Tana Mongeau BF – Adam Dubuc

Tana Mongeau’s latest love vibes are all about Adam Dubuc. They kicked it off around early 2024, and they’ve been all over Insta showing each other mad love.

Tana’s been posting those cute couple pics and gushy captions, and Adam’s been doing the same, hyping her up as his main squeeze.

They’re not shy about putting their feels on blast, sharing everything from their chill date nights to those big mood moments that got everyone double-tapping. It’s like, they’re giving us the real-deal look into their romance, no cap.

Social Media Profiles

Tana Mongeau is a prominent internet personality known for her engaging content across various social media platforms. Here’s a brief overview of her presence online:

YouTube: Tana has been active on YouTube since 2015, where she shares storytime videos, vlogs, and other content. She has a significant subscriber base and has collaborated with many other YouTubers.

Her channel @tanamongeauiscancelled has 5.42 million subscribers and the other YouTube channel that she runs is @cancelledwithtanamongeau739 that has 2.23 million subscribers.

Twitter: With her Twitter handle @tanamongeau, she connects with millions of followers, sharing her thoughts, life updates, and interacting with her audience. She has 2.5 million followers.

Instagram: On Instagram, Tana posts selfies, travel photos, and modeling pictures, showcasing her life and style to her millions of followers. Her Instagram account has 5.6 million followers.

TikTok: zana’s TikTok account also boasts a massive following of 8.2 million and 578.4 million likes, where she shares short-form videos that often go viral.

OnlyFans: Tana also has an OnlyFans account @tanamongeau where one can watch explicit and exclusive content for those who subscribe to her channel.

Facebook: Tana also has a Facebook page with 65 K followers.

Scandals and Controversies

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Tana Mongeau has faced her share of controversies over the years. Here’s a rundown of some issues she’s encountered:

  • TanaCon: In 2018, Tana organized her own event called TanaCon, which unfortunately didn’t go as planned. It was overcrowded and many fans were left outside in the heat, leading to a lot of disappointment.
  • Podcast Rant: Tana faced backlash after a podcast rant about a wine tour guide. This led to one of her sponsors, Babbel, ending their partnership with her.
  • Racial Remarks: She’s been accused of using racial slurs in the past, which has brought her under scrutiny and criticism.
  • YouTube Content: Some of her YouTube videos have been controversial due to their content, leading to mixed reactions from the audience.

Bottom Line

Tana Mongeau’s love life has always been a hot topic, and with Adam Dubuc now known as Tana Mongeau BF, the buzz continues. Their open and affectionate relationship offers a glimpse into the romantic life of a social media star. As they share their journey openly, fans get an inside look at the ups and downs of dating in the digital age.


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