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Planning to Celebrate Your Baby’s First Birthday? Things to Look Out

A year ago you were blessed with a new life in your family and now the baby is all ready to complete his/her one year. Yes, there is no word that can define the amount of happiness gushing into your heart, as this is the moment that you will remember for your entire life. Well, as the parent, you must be heart-filled and happy and you must be all set to celebrate your little one day in the grandest possible and thinking of inviting all the known ones on this day.

Useful tips to celebrate the first birthday of your baby

However, things don’t always go as smooth as you have expected and often financial and emotional stress comes in between things that can affect the plan of celebrating your baby’s first birthday. Now, to make sure that this doesn’t happen to you, we have prepared a list of useful tips such as asking for the right presents like a baby swing, that can help you celebrate this special occasion without creating any trouble. Now, let us get started.

Tip #1 Know your priorities

Yes, you must be very happy right now, but it is important that you don’t rush yourself and make any hasty decisions. Take your time and start preparing for things a few weeks or a month before your baby’s birthday arrives. Make a list of all the things that you want to include in the party and also mention the cost that you will have to pay. This way, you will get a clear idea of the total expenses that would incur in hosting the party. If somehow you don’t have adequate funding right now in your account and still you want to get along with the party, then you can seek financial help. You can get guaranteed payday loans from direct lenders who can approve the fund with no credit check.

Tip#2 Prepare the guest list

The next big thing that you have to do is prepare the guest list. It is necessary that you have an idea of how many people you can expect at the party so that you can prepare for other things at the party like food and other beverages. This will also help you to avoid including any food item at the party that any guest is allergic to or doesn’t prefer to eat. Also, while preparing things for the guest, be flexible so that you are prepared for any uninvited guest in advance. Even though you might even think of inviting everyone, it is important that you prepare the list according to your budget as extending the list can affect you finically later.

Tip#3 Decide the venue

Yes, you want to celebrate your baby’s first birthday in the grandest way possible, so the next important thing that you have to decide is the venue of the party. If the number of guests arriving at the party is quite high, then throwing the part at home might not be a sensible thing to do. It will be better to choose a bigger venue like clubs, restaurants or any other place that you think will be enough to accommodate that many people So, if you have decided to pick any of these places as the venue of your party, then it is necessary that you do reservation prior a month or two before as you might not get availability later. Also, you might even get a decent discount for doing reservations if you are lucky enough, but if you somehow don’t have enough funds to pay for the reservation, then you can go for easy loans from a direct lender.

Tip#4 Schedule a weekend party

Unfortunately, if the date of your baby’s birthday is falling on weekdays, then you could postpone it to the weekend day if possible. Well, not all people will be able to come if you are throwing the party on Monday or any other weekday and any occasion is celebrated best when every member participates in it including your family members, friends, and other closed ones. Thus, if it is possible, then try to schedule the date of the party during the weekend when everyone can come without any trouble. Other than that, it will be more comfortable for you as well to pick a weekend date.

Wrapping up, these were the things that you have to consider before organizing the first birthday party of your baby. To make the birthday memorable, you have to take things seriously and avoid making any hasty decisions.


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