Hershey Rosen Montreal Festival

The Festivals and Cultures of Montreal, Canada

Are you the type that loves to learn and experience the culture of a particular area? Then Montreal, Canada is a great place to explore. Not only is it a commercial hub, but it’s rich in the cultures of the diverse people that live there. Montreal is known as a social hub and active region in Canada. Hence, many Canadians go to Montreal to experience what it has to offer themselves. This is not exclusive to Canadians only.

Many foreigners from different countries go to Montreal to bask in its rich culture and social life. Even those who live in America near the border close to Canada go to Montreal, Canada. To Montreal residents like Hershey Rosen, the influx of both local and foreign newcomers is a way for them to socialize. Hershey Rosen is a Montreal native who has spent his life in Canada. A photographer who captures the lifestyle of people and nature, Rosen has also successfully made his mark as a businessman.

About Montreal, Canada

Montreal has asserted itself as a great city in Canada and the world. Magazines and media outlets praised the city for its rich and diverse cultural heritage. Even UNESCO gave it a unique name. Montreal was erstwhile known as a Canadian commercial capital. But later on, another city, Toronto, overtook it in terms of economy and population. Nevertheless, Montreal has continued to thrive in every sector and create employment opportunities for people.

Montreal, the Cultural Hub

Some decades ago, Montreal organized an expo, an event that increased its reputation as a social and cultural magnet. It was a successful event that hosted 62 countries with millions of participants. Now, Montreal is renowned for its old and new history and features. When you go to Montreal, you can see its many skyscrapers that gleam even at night. You can see the beautiful hotels that tower above other buildings, and the excellent transport facilities available.

Hershey Rosen added that there is a part of Montreal called Old Montreal whose renovation started long ago. The place itself is a destination for tourists and has much historical evidence of Montreal in the past. Not only that, but you can also see the historical evidence of the old Canada and Quebec in Old Montreal. Contrary to its name, Old Montreal is a place you can live in because it has been renovated. In the course of renovations, many facilities have either been upgraded or provided for their residents.

Festivals in Montreal

The Jazz Festival:

Hershey Rosen-Jazz Festival

The international jazz festival in Montreal is organized to gather together music icons and music lovers in the city. It is an annual music fest that is for jazz music lovers around the world. Anybody can attend the event, whether you’re a Montreal local, a Canadian resident, or a foreigner. The international festival is a huge one that attracts an international audience and media outlets.

Osheaga Festival:

Hershey Rosen-Osheaga Festival

Oshega is another music fest you wouldn’t want to miss. It is an annual festival that occurs every August in Montreal. The event lasts for three days annually and introduces attendees to new and popular musicians. Unlike the international Jazz Festival, Oshega doesn’t focus on only one genre. Singers of different musical genres perform at the event and showcase their talents. Therefore, organizers assemble different musical equipment and stages for the singers. Furthermore, Oshega is very popular and has thousands of attendees every year.

Film Festival in Montreal:

Hershey Rosen-Film Festival

Well, Montreal has something to offer to film lovers and professionals. This 10 days event lasts from the end of August to September. It shows the cinematographic works of filmmakers, writers, actors, and other professionals. Millions of attendees from different nations attend the event unfailingly every year. At the event, people are encouraged to positively criticize the films and acting skills of the actors.


Hershey Rosen-Mural

As the name implies, the Mural is a public festival of arts. The city creates a yearly event to publicly display murals of all kinds. Furthermore, Montreal organized fun programs and guided tours for attendees. In addition, Hershey Rosen said that there is an application that is connected to the event. This app acts as a guide for those who want to see the city murals located in various places. Mural artists of all kinds take the festival as an opportunity to showcase their skills.

Fêtes Des Neiges Festival:

Hershey Rosen-Fêtes Des Neiges

Many people brave the biting cold to attend this winter festival. It is actually dedicated to the snow season and allows participants to enjoy various snow-related activities. You can ski, ice-skate, Zipline, sled, and curl at the festival. Hence, families with children bring their children to the festival so that they can play and have fun. Interestingly, there are mascots and costumed characters as an added incentive for children so that they won’t feel bored.


As a Canadian citizen, Hershey Rosen has guaranteed that you’ll have an interesting time when you come to Montreal. The city is a blend of the old and the new in an intriguing manner. Moreover, Montreal residents are welcoming, friendly, and peaceful to visitors, so you’ll enjoy your stay there.


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