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How Do You Start A House Cleaning Service Company in 2019?

Are you out to start a house cleaning company? Okay, we got the reason you landed on this page. This industry is on the path of facing many challenges because of changes in technology and consumer behavior. But it is a ever-reliable money minting industry. So, congratulations on your business idea. Now, are you ready to gain information on how do you start a house cleaning service in 2019?

money minting

Just imagine the budget spent in house cleaning service in India for every home. The total amount will come to millions. But hasn’t the industry changed? The changes have come in the manufacturing of products, prices of services, components of house cleaning products and more. And the use of products will vary as per the lifestyle, need, and demography.

You need to purchase products for the cleaning team that is more familiar with your target audience. Yes, they will support new techniques and methods without a doubt. But the target audience has to understand the basic facts. Your team needs to maintain a fine balance between introducing new products and methods with the familiarity of the customers.

House Cleaning Service comprises of different sectors. You cannot pinpoint on one sector and include the same as a subset of house cleaning. For example, there are various types such as window cleaning, landscaping, cleaning the entire home/apartments, swimming pool cleaning and more.


1. Starting The House Cleaning Service Company

Before starting the house cleaning service company, ensure to take a 360-degree view to know the business. You need to consult the old riders in the same business and note down points. For example, it is the digital era and you need to have an excellent online presence on the web. And yes, the digital marketing team is a must.

Do not hesitate to venture into unvisited waters such as automation and other opportunities for your new business on house cleaning service. Instead of beating the bush on all quarters, kindly have a look at the points given below.

Cleaning Service Company

A. Let The Customers Contact You With Ease

As already mentioned, you need to have a website. It should have excellent design, attractive content, and navigation strategy to make the prospects or visitors hire your housecleaning service team without a doubt.

Your digital marketing team needs to have the right paid tools to check the customer experience on the website. They should post topics on relevant subjects related to housecleaning and service packages of your company. The best tip is adding videos instead of written content.

To embrace social media platforms, you need to spend very little time and energy to get positive returns.

customer experience

B. Communication

There are three options for your business website (house cleaning service company) to get connected with customers. One is through the telephone number on the website to communicate with your customer service team. The second is indulging in a chat with the website executive. And the third is booking via your company app (we need not say, to gain more media and public exposure, you need to have an app for the company). And also, the customer should book any of your house cleaning service package within two minutes. If he/she needs to spend more time, they may never look into your business website or app again. Remember the proverb – once bitten, twice shy.


C. Response

Customers have always and will remain the KING for every business. With cut-throat competition in every sector, you may face a hard time to break the mold with your new house cleaning service company. The best way to gain customers is to make your customer service team respond to requests with accuracy, efficiency and in quick time.

Case Study

You have spent considerable time in the industry for twenty years. Now you want to start a house cleaning service company in Bangalore. To gain new customers and to retain the existing ones, your customer care service team needs to be on alert mode. Any response to an email should be made within 24 hours. For a booking request, the team needs to correspond with the customer within sixty minutes.

case study

D. Email Contact

There are times when your team gets cornered in an unfortunate situation. In this era of social media, a customer can complain about your business on Twitter and Facebook. In a situation, it is a must to respond with suitable words on the social media platform. Plus, you also need to send a mail regarding the entire happenings with the proper words to the concerned customer.


2. Hiring Process To Build Solid Team

You can have the best infrastructure, customer service team, equipment and products. But the on-field team should have the right experience and the skills to handle customers. It is not a joke to put together a good team. It is an art to make your employees align with your business goals to gain success. You need to have patience, possess the right HR professional to bring the best in every employee.

Do you need a change in the job application process? Is your job description the perfect fit for a house cleaning service professional? Are the salary packages good? These are aspects you need to consider before putting or training a professional team for your company.

You need to have a team with a proper supervisor for every cleaning project. If a customer calls your company and agrees to the terms, you need to first send a representative to meet the customer. The visit will be considered an inspection, and based on the requirement, the charges may differ.

Hiring Process

3. Have A Game Plan Ready

As a new company, you need to understand the competition. Poaching the experienced professionals from your competitor is a common practice. In the house cleaning industry, some organizations opt for freelancers and very less permanent employees. And, it is not that the salary should contain an awesome package. You need to maintain a fine balance between your resources and the salary of employees.

Do you employ maids? What about the flexible hours for mothers? You also need to have a look at the perks and benefits of employees. Can you put all these factors together in the business plan? Then you will gain success in the local market.

To gain more customers, you can also enroll as a customer-vendor with a home maintenance company in your city. For example, you have opened a company offering doorstep home cleaning service in Pune. Your target is to reach the maximum number of customers within a short time. You find that there are companies offering doorstep services of home appliances and house cleaning services in the same city. You enroll your company in one of the best companies. So, you achieve the target within six months.

4. Automation

If you are about to start a house cleaning service company, one of the challenges is payrolls. Check if you can automate certain transactions and processes with software. This method can improve your service quality and reduce manpower. For more updates, visit this website regularly for emerging technologies. Please do not forget the fact that the automation tools for small business owners have come to the market in recent times.

5. Align Your Equipment/Technology With Your Business

Do not forget the fact automation has already made a mark in the house cleaning service industry. You have the iRobot cleaner and Neota which can move and clean dust using visual inspection. You need to have the right equipment with tools to make an impact on the business.

The era of using environment-friendly products has already begun. So, even your customers will opt for the same. Ensure your house cleaning service company team uses the best greener products to gain more customers. These kinds of products are more used by companies and organizations.


The main reason many want to start a house cleaning service company is because of its dependable nature. Let any recession or downturn come to the country, this industry will survive. Did you like the words mentioned in this article? If you are already in the house cleaning service industry, have we missed a valuable point? If so, kindly inform us.


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