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Most adorable ways to show your man you miss him without saying it!

Said ‘miss you’ tons of times that it has started losing its essence? I understand, it happens but I also know that the feelings are still the same. So, how can you show it to your guy without actually saying it?


There are tons of adorable ways to show your man that you miss him. That is why people order online gifts for boyfriends or guys order online gifts for her when they miss their partner. If you want some fresh ways that strongly show “miss you” keep reading. 

Video calls

Take the advantage of living in this era where video calls are a thing. If not physically, you can at least feel the presence of someone virtually. You can see them live and that is actually very impactful, ask the people living in long distance relationships. So, when you are missing him and you want to pass this message but don’t actually want to say it to his face, just pick up your call and go for a video call. A random video call in the middle of the day is a sign that you are missing that person badly. You want to see him or her, be with them, spotting them live can help a lot. 

Visit where you met

Another amazing sign that you can drop for him to understand how badly you miss him is by visiting the same spot you two met for the first time. Every couple has a memory vault that consists of places they have been together, or their favorite spot to hangout. In your case, if there is a particular place in the city where the two of you met for the first time or went on an official date, that is an important place because your story started from the same spot. You can revisit that spot, click pictures and send him or call him right there. This shows that you miss him at that moment.   

Send little audio notes

If you two were living together or even in the same city, you could write little notes and stick it on his stuff to make it clear you miss him. But the distance is killing the vibe, so you would have to stick to the virtual world. But that’s totally fine because you can be cute virtually as well. Instead of sticky notes, send him little voice messages saying you love him, cant wait to meet him, kisses and lots more. Just drop the messages whenever you are missing him at any point of the day and say cute things. When he will hear these audio notes, he will definitely know that there was a major missing and get ready for some pampering. 

Long loving message

If you have already tried all the above signs and now need some new ones, here is another very romantic way to show how much you miss someone and can’t help but think about them all the time. Write a long loving message for him and send it to him when he is asleep. This will give you all the time you want to prepare your message with your feelings poured out. He will understand that you have been lost in his thoughts at night. The best part? This message is the first thing he will read in the morning, so it is sure to bring a big smile to his face. His day can not get any better. 

Send gifts

When you cannot get him off your mind but don’t want to say it to his face, you can send gifts to him. Sending stuff to people without any occasion is a signal that you think about them. You can order online gifts for him so that you can get it delivered to the desired address. Gifts are special and most people exchange gifts on occasions. So, when you send him something special without any occasion, it displays your love. 


Now it’s time for some PDA. I know you are miles apart, but nothing can stop you from displaying some affection publicly so your guy knows that you miss him. I’m talking about posting a picture together on social media. 

This one is the most popular one.


These are the most adorable ways to show him that you miss him.


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