List of Common Packing Mistakes while Household Transportation

Are you planning a move? Then things are going to get worse than what you are already feeling. But if you are prepared for what is coming your way, things will become more tolerable. Planning is the first and the most important step. So, start by looking around the house and plan accordingly. Even the slightest of mistakes can turn your move upside down, and that is not sure what you would want to do.

When you are talking about packing, there are a lot of things that can go wrong. Packing is a big step, and it leaves great scope for mistakes. In case you are not willing to make mistakes while packing, then we suggest that you take care of a few points. Keep these points in your mind.

Common Mistakes People Make while Packing

Wrong-Sized Boxes

We often think that while packing, any packaging box will do. Especially when you are relocating, ensure that you don’t get the wrong-sized boxes. If possible, re-use the old liquor or bookcases to pack your items. In case you go wrong-sized boxes, you won’t get any uniformity while setting them up inside the transport vehicle.

To avoid unexpected hurdles, ensure that you get the packing boxes of the right size. Mainly boxes come in three different sizes, and they are small, medium, and large. But if you have any irregular-sized items, you may want to go for other packing alternatives. Usage of the right boxes will help you pack things well and stack them properly in the vehicle while loading and moving them.

Heavy Cardboard Boxes are a Bad Sign

When you are packing things in a hurry and taking lesser time to move, then overloading the cardboard boxes to the brim will be a bad idea. Putting all the heavy items together in a cardboard box can make it difficult for you to carry out the move. If you are doing it yourself or getting it done through the packers and movers, heavy boxes are a big no from them. So, while moving, pack only things that would keep the box stable without overloading it.

If you don’t pack it well, you may end up having all the items inside the box pooling near your feet. So, instead of stashing everything up, you can try and pack things smartly. Use things carefully so that, the box doesn’t become heavier from the bottom. It will be best if the box weighs around 40 pounds. Instead of stashing everything in one big box, try bringing two smaller boxes to fit things in.

Packing Done Incorrectly

Most of the time, we get broken items after they are delivered to our doorstep. We don’t waste any time cursing the packers and movers. Whether it is a bunch of fragile items such as frames, fine china, platters, or expensive porcelain, one must pay extra attention to their packing.

After finding the right kind of boxes to keep them, find enough bubble wraps, or packing peanuts to fill the blank spaces. You can also use compartmentalized boxes to hold small, delicate items. Wrapping those things up with a newspaper or bubble wrap will help you minimize the damage while they get transported. This, you can do on your own before the movers arrive.

Even when you are packing the food items, do so separately. Packing peanuts and furniture pads can be used to cover heavy or larger items effectively.

Poor Labelling of the Boxes

Moving calls for better organization of things. This includes naming the boxes properly as well. Not labeling the boxes properly will cause you a lot of trouble later when you are moving. So, when you are packing things up, ensure that you label them correctly. The identification simplifies everything for you. And when you are unloading things.

What is inside the box, you will know that only when you name the box correctly. Get a black ink marker and get a leaf of the size 2 inches. Prepare two labels. One can be kept inside the box, while another one can be pasted on the box. All this to make things easy for you once you are ready to unpack things in your new place. Don’t mismatch them or it messes things up.

Leaving Empty Spaces in the Box

It is common for people to leave empty spaces in a box full of items. Filling up the space may seem like an unnecessary task. You may also want to excuse yourself from that task. Even if there is little space, you may avoid it, but that won’t help you with anything. Filling up the blank space protects the items from banging into each other during the move. This brings down the chances of damaged goods.

Using a bubble wrap or simply doing it with the newspaper will help a lot. Cover the items with such items and let go of the worries related to their safety. You can also use shredded papers if you don’t plan to spend too much on such items. All this will act as a shock absorber.

Avoid Last-Minute Packing

You may be planning to leave complete moving for the packers and movers. After all, you are paying for it. Isn’t it? But that is where most of us make mistakes. Instead of leaving things behind for the last minute, you can make lots of blunders.

Last-minute packing is one of the many mistakes that people make. This sends them in a frenzy and causes them to frantically move around without getting things done in perfect order. If you start doing little by little from the very beginning, you will be able to cut costs and prepare for a stress-free shift.

When you have extra time in your hands, you will feel relaxed and think properly. It will be best if you could prepare a bag of essentials separately. Once you are done with it, you will be able to place everything separately. This will also speed up your things.


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