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Top Reasons to Shift to Delhi Right Now

The national capital of India, Delhi is the land of many dreams. The economic section of Delhi has seen dynamic growth since its independence and now it is a hub for high-paying job opportunities. For that, the credit solely goes to rapid industrialization. And it is the perfect reason for the people to migrate to Delhi.

If you planning to move to Delhi for a better standard of living, then you must closely follow the survey by the Confederation of Indian Industry on the Liveability Index. According to it, this city offers a better quality of life while topping the charts on transport, education, etc. People from all over India move here in search of a better career and stylish lifestyle and you will get them here. While it holds great historic value, the place is also contributing to the growth of the country in many ways.

Here are a few factors that you must know before you move to Delhi. Have a look at them for deciding well.

Reasons for Moving to Delhi

Government as well as International Establishments

Are you planning to visit foreign lands while working for them, then do you need to come to Delhi? It is home to beautifully designed international embassies and other establishments that is always showing vacancies. As the political capital of India, it has big government institutions and establishments where they are always posting government jobs occasionally. Having an international airport in the vicinity is a great advantage to this city. Hence, traveling to a foreign place becomes very much easier.

Job Prospective

No doubt, people from all around the country come to Delhi for better job opportunities. from unskilled laborers to professionals find appropriate jobs with great pay. Those who are unable to find jobs in their native places come here with hope. And this city has always fulfilled their requirements by providing them good jobs. The heavy number of migrants is now affecting the city in a bad way. So, now there are plans to open Gurgaon and Noida for accommodating new migrants.

According to records the population of Delhi Comprises nearly 45% of migrants. The job clusters fall in Noida, Delhi, and Gurgaon as all the big names in the industry have their factories and offices established here. For the Indian economy, Delhi NCR is a big contributor. Open opportunity for people across the globe is making it one of the best options to settle in India. if you are a fresher and want to restart your career with a high boost, you should relocate to Delhi.

Free Wifi

Today, we need the internet for almost everything. Whether it is to share personal life on social media or watch endless videos, Delhi has covered it for you. Yes, Delhi provides free wi-fi to its residents 24×7. It’s a much-anticipated project in Delhi and the government is busy installing routers for all the Delhites. Listen to this, must have got you excited already.

Not all parts of Delhi are covered yet, and the work is still under process. In all major areas, you can enjoy free wi-fi without any hindrances.

CCTV Surveillance

Delhi is always under the international radar so, the city is under tight CCTV surveillance all the time. Most parts of the city are already covered still the work for the installation is under progress. Due to an increase in the crime rates, the government was forced to take this action. Looking at the past picture, much safer than it was before.

Free Water for Everyone

Delhi’s Jal Board provides tap water to all the residents for free. It is stated that around 29-kilo liters of water are given to each household. If the water consumption exceeds the limit then it becomes chargeable. If you are staying in Delhi, you won’t have to worry about water problems if you know how to use it smartly. Due to the water crunch, wasting water is accepted negatively here.

Free Electricity

Utilities are very expensive nowadays. But when you get it for free things become easier for the residents. Especially those who migrate from another city looking for a job here. To be exact 200 units of free electricity is free to all the households by the government. Consuming lesser units will be free of cost but if you consume more, you will be charged for it. In Delhi, the power cuts merely take place. Delhi has two electricity-providing companies, BSES Rajdhani and Tata Power, who provide electricity to the city 24×7.

Public Transport

Delhi is known to provide India’s largest road network. Around 25% of the population uses private vehicles and others use non-motorized or public transport, Delhi Metro is a relief for so many people. It is recorded that around 2.6 million people use Delhi Metro commute using this means of transport. It is the Metro that affects the neighboring locations such as Faridabad, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, Noida, etc.

The next favorite public transport after the Delhi Metro is the DTC Bus services. Still, you will find the OLA and Uber making rounds around the city frequently. The traffic is a common sight in Delhi so, it is suggested to move early to avoid traffic breakouts during peak hours. The road infrastructure is something to be in awe of. Not only that, to make the public transport safer for ladies government have provided tight security with cameras in all the public transports. All these ventures by the government are really appreciable.


Delhi is a place where people enjoy living for various reasons. The food is mouth-watering and the recreational places are worth visiting. Above all, you can land jobs in great places. The education system is also high ranking which ensures your placement in great institutions. If you are getting an opportunity to relocate to Delhi, then it will be smart to get a packer and mover in Delhi. All you need to do is find a professional mover and packer for this purpose.

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