360 Security Cameras

The Ultimate Guide to 360 Security Cameras – Features and Benefits

Are you worried about what was happening at your place when you were not there? Or do you want to get complete records of every second without hampering your daily routine? Then here is the solution to that. Your need for such requirements can easily be fulfilled by using 360 security cameras.

They allow you to capture and record every moment with expanded coverage while eliminating the blind spots. In this blog, we’ll discuss what are the important features and benefits of a 360 dome camera that will give you a modern security solution.

A Complete Guide to 360 Security Cameras

The 360 security camera systems are a type of surveillance camera that captures a complete 360-degree view of its surroundings. These cameras provide a comprehensive panoramic view and eliminate blind spots (an area where security cameras’ lens fails to capture or monitor the activity). There are different types of 360 dome cameras such as fisheye cameras, panoramic cameras, and Pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras. Some of the features and benefits of 360 security cameras are discussed below.

Primary Characteristics of 360 Dome Cameras

The essential characteristics of 360 dome cameras are:

360-degree Range of Sight

You don’t need to be concerned about blind spots because these cameras can record a full 360-degree view of their surroundings. This merely gives you extensive coverage of the region using cutting-edge technologies.

Vandal-proof Housing

These cameras are rife-resistant to manipulation and vandalism because of their dome-shaped housing. Metal or polycarbonate are common impact-resistant materials used to make dome housing.

Infrared Night Sight

These 360 dome cameras are prepared with infrared LEDs that facilitate them to catch clean pictures in low-light or less-light situations. The infrared light LEDs can be removed up to a definite span depending on the camera model. Infrared Night Vision

Zoom-tilt-pan Functionality

These cameras have remote controls for tilting, panning, and zooming within the image that is being taken. This will enable you to concentrate on particular regions or interesting objects. However, some cameras also have auto-tracking features that can follow the moving targets automatically.

High-resolution Imaging

It can offer high-resolution images with clear and detailed footage capability. Some cameras can also record up to 8K resolution which is currently the highest available in the market.

Two-way Sound recording

This two-way characteristic permits you to communicate with the people or animals in the camera’s watch. It uses a built-in mike and speaker that eases your transmission. This can be useful for welcoming visitors, scaring off intruders, or speaking to your cute pets.

Storage and Playback

The characteristic enables you to save and play the taped recording, either locally or remotely. As per your specific necessity, you can use local storage or remote storage with their special ability.

Smart Home Compatibility

That advanced feature in cameras permits you to integrate the camera with different smart devices and other applications such as Alexa, Google Assistant, or IFTTT. With this integrality, you can enable voice control, automation, and customization. It helps you in making your security more convenient, advanced, and intelligent.

Benefits of 360 Dome Cameras

The crucial benefits of 360 dome cameras are given below:

Expanded Coverage and Diminished Blind Spots

These cameras are adequate for monitoring a broad area with a single camera which simply reduces the need for multiple cameras. It further lowers installation and maintenance costs. It can take much evidence in case of an accidental or mishappening.

Simplified Installation and Cost-effective Solution

These camera devices can easily be installed and configured as it doesn’t require any complex wiring or mounting. As these can also be operated on solar power or batteries thus it makes them suitable for remote or off-grid locations.

Improved Situational Awareness

With a complete picture of the monitored space, you can get improved situational awareness. You can see everything that is happening around you. Moreover, you can also digitally pan and zoom in on the taken image and focus on specific areas.

High-quality and Advance Tech-features

These devices can also offer high-resolution picture quality that gives you clearer footage. On the other side, with technological enhancement, you get modern security solutions. Such as color night vision, any motion trace, two-way communication, smart home compatibility, and even person or pet recognition.

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When you understand the features and benefits of a 360-camera system, then you must be thinking about how to buy one. As per your specific needs and preferences, you can pick the suitable one for you. At Backstreet Surveillance, a trusted surveillance industry leader, you can get the best security camera at an affordable price. With us, you can buy a 360-degree security camera that gives you a reasonable and easy security solution. With all the advanced AI features, you can also get exciting offers. So don’t waste your time, get in touch with us and place your order now!

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