Dreamybull Death

The Truth Behind the Dreamybull Death Rumor – A Prank Gone Wrong

Dreamybull is a widely recognized rapper and singer with a large global fan base. His appeal lies in his infectious music, charming demeanor, and fashionable sense of style. However, he recently became the target of a startling rumor that alleged Dreamybull death in a car accident. 

This rumor quickly gained traction on social media, causing widespread concern and sadness among his devoted supporters. 

But is there any validity to this rumor? What is its origin and who is responsible for spreading it? And most importantly, how is Dreamybull doing now? In this article, we will explore the facts and the fiction of the Dreamybull death rumor, and how it affected his fans and his career.

Who is Dreamybull?

Perrell Laquarius Brown, known online as Dreamybull or Dreambullxxx, is a 30-year-old resident of North Carolina. Brown has become well-known on Twitter and generates income through his personal website and paid subscriptions for producing explicit and mature videos. 

He is married with two children and identifies himself as a supporter of “Extreme An*l Play for Straight Men,” with a significant portion of his earnings coming from his sexually explicit content.

His Twitter account, which is limited to adult audiences, features exclusive images and videos.

Dreamybull lived a typical life, working hard to support his family and cover expenses. He could not have predicted that his Twitter videos would become popular memes. 

It all started when TikTokers from Indonesia discovered his videos and incorporated them into their comedic content.

The videos featured Dreamybull enjoying moments of pleasure in his car or at home. However, the TikTokers removed any explicit content to ensure that the clips were appropriate for all viewers.

Dreamybull Death Rumor 

The Dreamybull death video rumor started as a prank by some of his fans who wanted to see how people would react to the news of his demise. 

They created fake screenshots of news articles and tweets that claimed he had died in a car crash. The individuals proceeded to share these pictures on multiple social media channels, including TikTok, Twitter, and Reddit, accompanied by the hashtag #RIPDreamybull. 

The prank swiftly gained widespread attention as numerous individuals were convinced of its validity and conveyed their sympathies and surprise. However, there were also those who questioned the credibility of the sources and attempted to validate the news. 

Eventually, Dreamybull himself confirmed that he was alive and in good health, and that the rumor was a deliberate deception. He additionally expressed his gratitude to his fans for their backing and affection, while urging them to refrain from spreading falsehoods.

He also said that he was not amused by the prank, and that it was disrespectful to him and his family.

Dreamybull in Legal Trouble

In 2014, Dreamy Bull, who was employed as a youth pastor at the Kingdom Centre in Charlotte, North Carolina, encountered legal problems when he attempted to acquire a cell phone from Rent-A-Center without completing the necessary paperwork. 

He was subsequently arrested and charged with misdemeanor theft after expressing regret and offering to return the phone upon his return to the store. He was later released on bond after being taken into custody. 

Despite these legal challenges, Dreamy Bull has garnered considerable attention on social media due to the popularity of his viral videos and memes.

Dreamybull Memes

Dreamybull has also been the subject of memes. Although Dreamybull’s memes bring joy and laughter to many, the original videos featuring him may not be as wholesome as they may seem.

However, people have creatively incorporated Dreamybull’s face into various reaction videos and contexts, such as placing him in a Walmart or having him give an acceptance speech at the Grammys. 

This means that the Dreamybull meme utilizes his reactions from other videos solely for comedic purposes.

Some videos may only feature Dreamybull’s voice, which can be humorous but may not be appropriate for young children. 

Moreover, the Dreamybull meme bears resemblance to the Ambatukam meme due to their use of wordplay with similar-sounding expressions. 

In fact, Dreamybull was also given the nickname “Ambatukam” due to the phrase “I’m ’bout to c**” sounding like “Ambatukam.”

Bottom Line

The Dreamybull death rumor was nothing more than a cruel and disrespectful prank that caused unnecessary panic and grief among his fans. Dreamybull himself confirmed that he is alive and well, urging his followers to stop spreading lies and instead continue supporting him in a positive way.


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