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7 Classy Short Nail Designs To Try This Season

Looking for classy short nail designs? If yes, read the blog till the end to get some inspiration.

Whether a wedding, family function or any other fancy celebration, everyone tries to look the best. From the best outfit to elegant makeup, girls prefer everything the best to stand out at the event. But what about your nails? For all these types of events, make sure to groom your nails as well. Perfectly groomed nails spruce up your personality. Thinking to opt for a classy nail look? Short on ideas? Well, no worries!

Listed below are some of the cool yet classy short nail designs that are perfect to rock your overall personality at any event.

Well, without wasting much time, let’s get started. 

Classy Short Nail Designs To Try

  • Short Nude Nails

Short Nude Nails

Are you someone who prefers nudes or white shades for nails? If yes, then you should definitely try a glassy nude nail look. This is one of the simple yet classy short nail designs that will work for any event. 

The best part is that you do not need to get nail extensions or wait for your nails to grow to achieve this nail look. This design is perfect for short nails also. And you can even do it all by yourself.

  • Solid Color Nails

Solid Color Nails

Don’t underestimate the beauty and power of colors. Just applying any solid colors like red and maroon on your short nails will help you achieve a classy nail look and get a timeless vibe in one go.

However, make sure to apply nail paint in such a way that there are no chips or bumps. The best you can consider is using colorful press-on nails. These are super easy and easy to apply at home, thereby saving you from all hassle to make your nails look perfect. Plus, they’ll never, ever chip.

  • Short Nails with Accent Nail

Short Nails with Accent Nail

One of the best and most classy short nail designs that you can try is adding a touch of glitter to your nail.

For instance, opt for a simple accent nail to add a little glitter to your nails without making them look odd. Don’t know about accent nails? Well, to your knowledge, accent nails allow you to customize your manicure and apply contrasting paint to one nail on each hand. In other words, it is a popular way to paint one or two nails on each hand differently from the rest of the nails or make one or two of your nails stand out on each hand from the others. 

All you can do is use a solid color like red to paint your nails and add some glitter to your accent nails to make them look different and eye-catching. You can also use press-on nails with glitter to create accent nails.

  • Short Rhinestone Nails

Who said that classy short nail designs are meant to be simple? Well, you can add a fun element to your nails while still making them look classy.

For example, apply a dark paint color like red and maroon on your nails. After that, stick rhinestones to achieve a perfect nail look.

This combination of solid color and rhinestones is especially perfect for the vacation season. 

  • Glitter Nails 

Glitter Nails 

Do you like glittery nails? Apart from accent nails, another great way to add some glitter to your nails is opting for white or nude nails and applying glitter at the tips of your nails.

You can also opt for full glittery accent nails. Doing so will definitely add some sparkle to your nails while giving you classy vibes. Again, you can even try press-on nails.

  • Short Marble Nails

Short Marble Nails

Make your nails look strong and bold with a marble nail look. Over the period of time, marble nails have gained immense popularity in both Hollywood and Bollywood industries. These are still trending and will look great no matter the season or occasion.

Since they are simple and mainly neutral in color, they will make your nails look classy and chic.

Either you can opt for a marble nail design for all your nails or you can choose accent nails with the marble design to get a more subtle look. 

  • White Flower Nails

White Flower Nails

Whether it’s your wedding or you are a bridesmaid, getting while flower nails are one of the classy short nail designs to try for weddings.

All you have to do is prefer nude colors for your nails and get white flower designs on top of that. You can even add a touch of glitter by incorporating pearls into the flower design. Isn’t it sound beautiful? 

Closing Words

Apart from the above, there are many more classy short nail designs that you can try this season. Choose the one per your taste and preference.

In case you have any other nail design ideas for your classy short nails, do comment below. 


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