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Ideas On How To Achieve A Tomboy Look

The realm of street style is ruled by the androgynous vibe that tomboy attire exudes. Contrary to popular belief, adopting the tomboy appearance has nothing to do with your sexual orientation or lack of interest in clothing. By experimenting with masculine silhouettes and shunning traditional feminine clothing, you may express yourself. 

Women are enjoying tomboy outfits more than ever, from Kendall Jenner and Coco Rocha to Priyanka Chopra. The most stylish and enjoyable tomboy clothing suggestions are provided in this article. Read on! 

How Should a Tomboy Dress?

Some people connect more emotionally with the look than others. The aim is to combine items that reflect this personality, whether it is your go-to look or a new one you want to attempt.

Instead of fragile, delicate, and featherlight accessories, use ones that are bold, rusty, or substantial. The list of trends is infinite and includes leather, denim, and bomber jackets, distressed denim, boyfriend or mom jeans, turtlenecks, oversized hoodies or sweaters, Converse shoes, combat or ankle-length boots, pantsuits, oversized blazers, flannels, overalls, beanies, bandanas, and baseball caps. 

These are your essentials, but you should feel free to add more and experiment in a way that showcases your fearless and badass personality.

Leather Pants 

Leather Pants 

Wear a tank top, leather pants, and black sneakers to up the sex factor like a boss lady. To complete the appearance, add some aviators or any sunglasses of your choosing.

Vibrant Monochromes

Bring corduroy into your wardrobe to create a striking monotone look without deviating from the concept. Oxfords, Converse shoes, or combat boots go great with this ensemble.

Male Shorts

Like nothing else, the borrowed-from-the-boys aesthetic oozes the tomgirl aura. Paint the town red in the summer with a pair of athleisure boy shorts, a linen shirt that is only partially tucked in, and sneakers.

Worn-out Shorts

Worn-out Shorts

Purchase a pair of ragged or torn shorts. Wear a white pair of Superstars or Airmax sneakers and put your hair up in a bun! 

Skinny Jeans And Shirts Made of Denim

This ensemble veers somewhat toward the feminine side. Jeans are the go-to outfit for tomboys. Add some polish to them with white boots and a denim shirt. You should use smokey eyes if you want to achieve this effect.


Do you like suspenders and camo? To achieve the tomboy image, wear them both. The perfect outfit would be an Iron-Maiden T-shirt to match the overalls, a half bun, Converse shoes, and hoops. 

Huge Jacket And Shirt 

Worn-out shorts

The incredibly long, oversized shirts that are worn as dresses, or “shirt dresses,” are really popular right now and are ideal for tomboys. To finish off your appearance, add a puffer jacket and boots. 

Suit Pants

Pantsuits are experiencing a renaissance and are advancing forcefully into fashion houses and apparel lines. Talk about fashionable and intriguing attire! 

Bomber Vests 

Want to appear as though you worked hard despite making no effort? A bomber jacket is your best friend then! You can change the narrative by wearing ankle boots, a bomber jacket, a tank blouse, cropped boyfriend jeans, and a high bun.

Corporate Casual

Corporate Casual

Too hip to go to school? Having trouble understanding formal attire? Try this in its place, then! With its boxy silhouette, it flirts with the idea of formal attire but does not quite succumb. 

Side-stripe Clothing

Right now, anything with a side stripe is in tomboy style and is essentially tomboyish. jeans, pants, or tracks. Add a trench coat if you don’t want to go all out with this outfit. 

Hoodie Dress

 If there’s one thing I learned from this tiny queen, it is to master the tomboy outfits softly. She lives in hoodie dresses and so can you if you are prepared to explore the other side of fashion.

One-piece Garment

Are prom or homecoming just around the corner? The tomboy in you, I assume, cannot even begin to embrace the normal frilly clothes. Rent or borrow a one-piece dress, add your leather jacket, and add your preferred style of footwear to complete the look. 

Faded Jeans

Were you perplexed as to why this wasn’t placed higher on the list? Simply put, we didn’t want to say what was evident. Hoodies, combat boots, and distressed denim are unquestionably staples. 



Tomboys are devoted fans of plaid or flannel. You’re set if you tie one at the waist, layer it, or choose a bigger style. 

Crop Shirts and Shorts 

With these types of tomboy outfits, tomboy and townie meet in the middle! You can pull this style off by wearing a tube top with jeans, a dark wash denim jacket, a belt, and laceless combat boots.


The boyish look and toying with masculine silhouettes are key components of tomboy outfits. There is a widespread belief that tomboy outfits cannot be stylish.

What more screams street style than tattered denim shorts paired with crop tops, monochrome ensembles, oversized jackets, and leather pants? While “tomboy” refers to a personality feature, we can all play with androgynous clothing by adopting or modifying the standards of a true tomgirl. Don’t be scared to experiment with fashion; it’s all about self-expression, feeling good in your skin, and having fun.