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Maternity Dress Fashion Tips for Your Second Trimester

You will experience drastic body changes during pregnancy, especially in the second trimester, but it doesn’t mean you can’t stay fashionable. If you are a new mom and don’t know what to expect, you need some expert tips.

Below are some ways to look your best as you embrace your bump.

Flexibility Is Key

The physical changes your body undergoes can be overwhelming, particularly in the fourth month of pregnancy. You will need flexible and stylish maternity dresses to accommodate your growing bump.

While your regular clothes may fit in the first trimester, they will soon become uncomfortable, and only a wardrobe change will help. It is best to go for maternity dresses that you can wear throughout your pregnancy, and the secret is to look for breathable and stretchy fabrics.

Designers create them to expand as much as possible since you will likely gain more weight. If you are a careful shopper, you can also land pieces that fit even after the baby comes.

maternity dresses


Once you pick your favorite maternity dresses, the next step is accentuating the outfit as you would with regular clothes. For instance, when wearing a short-sleeved gown, you can accessorize with an attractive top or coat to serve as layering.

You can also use hats, jewelry, and scarves to uplift plain maternity dresses. Many moms wear medium-length clothes with comfortable leggings underneath. However, it is essential to go easy on how many accessories you buy lest you stop wearing them after delivery.

Pick the Right Fabrics

Not every fabric will work for your maternity dresses since each mum’s body may react differently while wearing particular material. Expectant mothers may complain of feeling itchy and getting strange sensations when in contact with some fabrics.

To avoid such instances, you should ensure that your clothes are always breathable and feel soft on the body. Cotton fabrics are usually perfect; if not, you can try hypoallergenic materials.

Lyocell and bamboo are some of the common materials manufacturers use in clothes. If you are very sensitive to certain fabrics or suffer from skin issues, it is best to always check the tags for specifications before buying any maternity dress.

Maternity Dresses

Prioritize Service

One thing you should know as an expectant mum is that you don’t need to buy clothes for each trimester. They only take a few months, which means overspending on items you may never wear post-pregnancy.

If you want to be economical and avoid the hassle, you need maternity dresses that will serve you all through. Luckily, there are options that you can even rock during and after pregnancy that stretch but still fit like everyday outfits.

For instance, most mums go for maxi pregnancy dresses made from quality and elastic fabrics that can fit even after you have gained some weight. Also, if you are a fan of wrapper dresses, you can always find one that serves various needs.

Flaunt Your Bump

Unlike during the initial stages of pregnancy, it may be challenging to hide your growing bump during the second trimester. You don’t have to feel shy, even if this is your first baby. Before the months drift away and you deliver, you should enjoy every moment and remain fashionable.

You may gain weight in some places but still, glow and look amazing wearing fabulous maternity dresses. You need cute empire waist fabrics that nicely hold the bump in place at the top and make it more conspicuous. Carrying a baby is an incredible experience you wouldn’t want to spend hiding under layers of bulky clothing.

maternity dresses

You don’t have to try too hard to conceal it because the piling up of clothes makes you look even more prominent. To embrace your pregnancy every step of the way, you can wear form-fitting designs, but be careful that they are not too constrictive, which can harm the baby.

Simple but Stylish

It is easier to wear fashionable regular clothes, but maternity dresses are usually toned down. They are simple but still attractive and make your bump look fantastic. You don’t have to wear edge outfits because the baby becomes the priority, and you should avoid anything risky.

Tight clothes can have adverse effects on you and the baby. A simple floral or plain dress is okay, and you can add accessories to make it look better. You will notice that suitable clothes make you feel more confident and look more attractive.

You can opt for a V-neck maternity gown, then accentuate it with some cute jewelry. Another go-to look is a dress with contrasting colors from the waist up, which is minimalistic but still stylish as pregnancy wear


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