Manti Teo net worth

Manti Teo’s Net Worth Revealed: NFL, Stocks, and Real Estate Assets Examined

Manti Te’o, a talented football player, made a name for himself in the NFL after gaining fame at Notre Dame. While Manti Teo net worth is in the millions, the Netflix documentary did not delve into his financial success. This situation affected his career when he joined the League, even though he had great skills. The documentary only focused on his relationships and how they impacted his performance. But behind the scenes, Manti Te’o was doing well for himself. He played for the San Diego Chargers, New Orleans Saints, and Houston Texans, and he was from Laie, Hawaii. However, a scandal involving a fake girlfriend overshadowed his achievements and made headlines across the country. In this article, we’ll tell you everything about Manti Teo net worth, his life, and career, including how much money he has and how it has changed over time.

Manti Te’o: From Hawaii to Football Stardom

On January 26, 1991, Manti Malietau Louis Te’o was born in Laie, Hawaii. Even at a young age, he showed great talent in football. He played for a private high school in Hawaii and received several important awards. In 2007, during his junior year, he recorded impressive numbers: 90 tackles, five sacks, 400 rushing yards, and 10 touchdowns as a running back. This caught the attention of colleges and recruiters all over the country.

Manti Te’o’s NFL Earnings Year by Year


Manti Te’o started his NFL journey with the San Diego Chargers after the 2013 NFL Draft. He signed a four-year contract worth $5.2 million, including a sign-up bonus of $2.14 million.


Injuries and inconsistent form affected Manti’s rookie season with the Chargers. Unfortunately, a severe Achilles tendon rupture ended his time with the team.


Manti joined the New Orleans Saints, earning around $5 million through a two-year contract.


Injuries limited Manti’s playing time, resulting in only 18 tackles across five games.


Manti’s playing time decreased further, with only three games played and an average of two tackles per game. His earnings with the Saints dropped, peaking at $1.7 million.


Manti was signed to the Chicago Bears’ practice squad. He only played one playoff game before his contract expired in January 2021, though he earned $132,000 for his efforts.

Throughout his NFL career, Manti Te’o experienced ups and downs but managed to accumulate a significant amount of earnings, reflecting his success in professional football.

Manti Teo Net Worth

Manti Te’o has made around $3.5 million in his career. Most of his money comes from playing football and doing endorsements. In total, he earned over $18 million from his salary and deals with companies. The year 2017 was his best, where he made the most money while playing for the New Orleans Saints.

Manti Te’o’s NFL Success: Salary, Endorsements, and Wealth

Manti Te’o made a lot of money while playing in the NFL. He earned more than $10 million in total salary during his career, with the highest amount coming in 2017 when he played for the New Orleans Saints. However, when he played for the Chicago Bears, he earned the lowest salary of $132,000.

Manti Teo Net worth was built by Te’o’s earnings, even though he faced some setbacks and controversies. He also made money through endorsement deals with companies like Nike and Subway. However, his endorsement earnings were not as high as some other NFL players.

In addition to his salary and endorsements, Te’o also received various bonuses during his career. These included a sign-up bonus of $2.7 million, a roster bonus of $1.6 million, a workout bonus of $100,000, and an incentive of $80,789. These bonuses, along with his salary, added to his overall wealth.

Te’o’s financial success caught the attention of fans and followers, who were interested in his journey. It also inspired others who might be interested in investing in real estate. In 2015, he made around $150,000 from endorsements.

Manti Te’o’s Catfishing Scandal: Impact and Lessons Learned

The catfishing scandal in 2013 had a big effect on Manti Te’o’s life and how people saw him. It even led to a documentary on Netflix about what happened. In the scandal, Te’o was tricked into thinking he had a girlfriend, but she turned out to not be real. Many people heard about this and it might have affected his career in the NFL and how much money he made. 

In that year, he was supposed to become a famous athlete with lots of endorsement deals and a high draft pick in the NFL. People thought he could get a contract worth up to $20 million for four years. But after the fake-girlfriend hoax was discovered and he wasn’t impressive at the scouting event, his chances went down. 

No NFL team picked him in the first round, which could have cost him millions. Instead, he got a much smaller contract and maybe lost about $8 million. People debated and argued about whether the scandal made teams not choose him in the first round, which would have made him a lot more money.

But even though the scandal hurt Te’o’s reputation, people also praised him for how he handled it. It made people think about online deception and being careful on the internet. Te’o’s story is a warning to others to be cautious if they ever find themselves in a similar situation.

How Manti Te’o Boosted His Net Worth

Manti Te’o has made smart investments that have significantly increased Manti Teo net worth. He has put his money into different tech startups like a ride-sharing app, a food delivery app called GrubMarket, a company focused on virtual reality called Jaunt, and a mobile gaming platform.

But Manti Te’o didn’t stop there. He also invested in real estate, owning a house in San Diego and another property in Hawaii. These investments have contributed to Manti Teo net worth.

To further grow his wealth, Manti Te’o got involved in the stock market. By diversifying his investments among different types of assets, he has increased his chances of maintaining and even raising his net worth.

What Does Manti Te’o Do Now?

Te’o now lives a more private life and focuses on spending time with his family. He recently joined Transcend, a telehealth provider specializing in providing services for athletes. He shares regular updates about his family life on his Instagram account.

Bottom Line

The article revealed Manti Teo net worth and examined his assets in the NFL, stocks, and real estate. Despite the documentary’s focus on his personal relationships rather than his financial success, it is evident that Manti Te’o has accumulated a significant net worth throughout his career, with an estimated worth of around $3.5 million.


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